Run Like Hell: Yeti Edition Review

Run Like Hell: Yeti Edition Review

Jul 13, 2012

Run Like Hell: Yeti is an expansion of sorts for the Run Like Hell game. All of the games are very similar with different themes, kinda like Angry Birds. The basic description of the game is to run like hell from whatever is chasing the scared little man; in this case it is a Yeti.

Run Like Hell: Yeti is a 2D side scrolling game. This makes the controls pretty simple. There is a jump, a slide and a turbo-like onscreen button. As the scared man is trotting through the icy levels, there are obstacles to avoid. Some of the obstacles need to be slid under while others need to be climbed over. Just like in the horror movies, the creature gets closer when the main character slows down or trips and falls.

While running from the Yeti, there are coins placed in your path, Super Mario Bros.-style to collect. Collecting coins lets you buy different things in the game. For example, if you are playing Run Like Hell, you can unlock Run Like Hell: Yeti. The game does have objectives to meet to further progress in the game. Jumping over the icicles that fall from the sky are one such objective.

The overall strategy of the game is to stay as far away from the Yeti as possible. Checking the meter in the top left of the screen will show how close the Yeti is. Timing is key. Sliding under obstacle will be faster than crouching and walking under it. Many times there is a need to go over something but instead of climbing, if timed right, the obstacles can be jumped over.

The most common mode is the endless mode. Endless mode just keeps going and going. Collect more coins and complete other tasks while running forever. Otherwise, the time trial mode is a good way to get the hang of the game. There is no Yeti chasing, just a race against the clock.

Run Like Hell: Yeti Edition Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The side scrolling 2D view is cartoony and fun.
Controls - I liked the simplicity of the less is more approach to the controls
Gameplay - It works out your timing and reaction skills really well.
Replay Value - The different modes offer just enough of a new challenge to make the game very replayable.
Overall - The time trials mode is a great challenge.

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