Save The Furries! Review

Save The Furries! Review

Nov 19, 2013

Save The Furries is a pretty straightforward game. It’s a puzzle, where the player’s only goal is to keep the furries from dying. No, not those furries. These furries look like a combination of rabbits from Rayman Raving Rabbids, Minions from Despicable Me, and asparagus. The furries are also pretty straightforward fellows, so every level they attempt to cross it by marching in one direction, only changing it when they hit a wall. As it happens, every level is filled with hazardous traps, enemies and pits that the helpless furries tend to fall/walk into and die. That’s where the player comes in. The player can interact with various objects around the world to help furries get to their destination, such as moving crates around to block out the dangers, or lift them to required place, all using simple touch and swipe controls.

Save The Furries features a physical model, as primitive as it might be, so it’s quite interesting to complete the levels, Save the Furries! 1even though they’re largely straightforward. The boxes and the furries can be launched and fall down, carts can be driven around, and the catapults catapult (catapult’s a strange word, isn’t it?). Most of the gameplay really is built around various physical knick-knacks, and although some of them really aren’t working, like that stupid cart thingy, it’s a fun time for the most part. There are lots of levels, and trying to transfer the stupid things across them is challenging, but not really frustrating.

Among the issues I’ve noticed is the unfriendly camera that acts like a husband who’s been asked to hold a mirror steady, and always moves just slightly away so that the player can’t see whatever he needs. The physical model, as I’ve said, could also be a bit better. And to be fair, the whole design is awkward/creepy, just like any “random”-styled graphics. Other than that, though, Save The Furries is a fine, simple physical game, somewhat reminding me of Lemmings.

Save The Furries! Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Okay and 3D graphics are impressive, but the design is overall strange.
Controls - Could be better. Also, camera issues.
Gameplay - It's alright.
Replay Value - Moderately interesting.
Overall - A fine puzzle with some strange elements.

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