Save Looma Review

Save Looma Review

May 22, 2014

Save Looma is a fun puzzle game starring a small alien that needs a new place to live, after it was send away from his home planet.


Superman, beware! There is a new alien in town that got send off into the universe, seeking a new planet to live on. The parents of Looma did not see any other possibility, so they decide to do what any other alien species would do apparently: send of their only child to another planet. This little backstory is perfect for the game. With a title like Save Looma, it’s not a hard guess to figure out what players have to do: save the little alien from death, while traveling through space.

In Save Looma, players do not directly control alien Looma, but instead place certain objects on a grid, to help Looma navigate a specific path (just like in games like Kings can Fly). Because the game takes place in space, Looma has to find his (or her?) way around asteroids, planets, gas giants, worm holes and more things we know exist in space. Players need to place asteroids, planets et cetera to form a path for Looma, while gravity does the rest. By pushing the on screen start button, Looma will fly off, following the path the player has made for it. And the puzzles you get presented are really clever and fun to do. The difficulty curve is somewhat steep, but it’s manageable, at least.

The design and graphics of this game really reminded me of Rejected Games’ An Alien with a Magnet. It’s colorful, easy to understand and presented with a pleasant camera angle. It also has a very clear and huge tutorial world, where players will learn the basic and more of the game. It’s really necessary, because Save Looma has a lot of different gameplay mechanics under the hood, besides the gravity of the planets it circles around. Little twister like things will teleport Looma from one place to another, gas giants give the alien a push and the different kinds of meteorites will give Looma a small direction change. Thankfully, learning all this is fun, as is the game.

Save Looma is a nice and pleasant puzzle game players can start whenever they want. It has a lot to offer for such a small game, made by one man and one man alone. It has clever gameplay mechanics I can only imagine working in space to, colorful graphics and a steep learning curve. So going through the expansive tutorial is necessary, but that won’t be a chore for anyone.

Save Looma Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Colorful and very well made.
Controls - Easy to learn and easy to handle.
Gameplay - Clever puzzle game with mind bending challenges.
Replay Value - There are a lot of levels to begin with in the free version, and players can buy more level packs.
Overall - Really clever puzzle game with fun mechanics we can only imagine exist in space.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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