Save the Snail Review

Save the Snail Review

Sep 6, 2013

Save the Snail is a fun little game that brings another perspective of positional physics to Android gaming. Familiar gameplay rules the roost these days, and it is nice that this one brings it while stepping out on a ledge.

And no, this isn’t just Yet Another Angry Birds Clone. In this one, the goal is to keep the snails safe from aerial dangers that can cause injury. Basically, there is usually a snail (or two) that exist in the playing area. The overall goal is to prevent the mollusks from being crushed by falling rocks (don’t ask) or being zapped by especially vicious sun rays.save1

The first level kind of explains what is needed to be successful in this game. Using everyday materials that the game provides (in this case, matches and pencils) to create a protective shelter over the snails before the sun floats by, or a shower of pebbles does their damage. The items to be used are suspended in the air one after the other; tapping them makes them fall straight down, and the items mostly obey the laws of physics, so a rough release can have bad consequences. As soon as the last item is dropped, the hazards start moving.

The playing areas and objects vary. In addition to the first two items, stuff like buttons and attracting cheese make an appearance. The objective sometime shifts from creating protection to moving the snails to an existing cover; in some levels, nails and spiked tools force timing to become a part of the strategy, and puzzle-solving logic becomes crucial. The levels are timed, so quickness is a factor.

The visual aspect of the game is simple, with emphasis placed on the foreground contraptions. The animations are effective, and work well within the game principles.

Save the Snail a fun game; it feels familiar, but is reasonably different. Great price too, so there’ll be no regrets, but much to potentially gain.

Save the Snail Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Decent looks, utilitarian artwork, minimal sounds.
Controls - Tapping and dragging.
Gameplay - Easy to understand, quite engaging and diverse.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - nice game, familiar mechanics: great time waster.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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