Saving Yello Review

Saving Yello Review

Jul 13, 2012

Saving Yello is an app that requires the user to help save a fish from his 7-year old owner who doesn’t know how to properly take care of a him. I will say, it is a bit addictive. I started playing the game and couldn’t put it down. Every level was one step closer to freedom for this poor fish.

The sound effects and graphics of the game were very enjoyable. And the dialogue was funny as well. When starting the game, the first caption says, “Hey Yello, want to go for a walk?” Poor Yello, of course I want to help you escape. The game is very much like Angry Birds, but instead of multiple birds fighting pigs, the player have one single fish trying to knock over toys or land back into his bowl.

The game works the same as Angry Birds as well. Players must use their fingers to slide back and aim the fish where they want it to go and they release their hold when it’s aimed correctly. Players also are presented with a screen that shows how many levels they must complete and when they finish a level they are rated between one to three stars. I liked that every level had a bit of a different goal or even a side goal. On some levels the goal was to hit the toys on the way to the bowl and get three in a row on a slot-like machine.

One thing that really bugged me about this app was the screen that popped up after every single turn prompting me to login and share my score. Since I had no desire to do this, I had to tap skip every time it popped up. This was frustrating and took me away from the game and it didn’t help that it was the least responsive aspect of the game.

After playing this game I have to say I really liked it. It was a different storyline, which was nice and I liked the goal of saving the fish. As I mentioned, it was a bit addicting, but I’m not complaining. I think it’s great to have an app that can really get me involved. It’s great to have when waiting for the dentist or some other appointment.

Saving Yello Review Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Great music and graphics, minus the lag on the share screen.
Controls - Very responsive, no issues.
Gameplay - Entertaining and held my attention with each new level.
Replay Value - It's a game that's easily addicting and one that can be played often.
Overall - Holds attention for long amounts of time, that is, if you can ignore the share screen in between turns.

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