Scrap Squad Review

Scrap Squad Review

May 1, 2014

Being a villain is hard work. You need to get rid of the spiders in you lair that you don’t need, get resources for your next attempt at taking over the world, organize a bunch of incompetent morons – why did you hire them in the first place? – and all this just to be beaten by a crazy idiot in a spandex suit, who probably still lives with his parents. Only Batman can truly know your pain. Scrap Squad take this a step further, and now you, the villain, actually need to sort through other people’s trash to build an army of horrific, environmentally-friendly robots. At least there’s no spandex in there.

Scrap Squad is a great game, I can say that for certain. It’s a free-to-play arcade that should feel a lot worse than it does. Player needs to pick up the trash that’s sliding down the conveyor belt and sort it into four robots, by type and color. There are three lives for every run, and they can be lost by letting any of the useful garbage fall into the fire, or by giving the wrong trash to the robots. At times, gold, power-ups, and power-downs fall down, or just trash that can’t be sorted anywhere and should be burnt. Scrap Squad 3The gold is then spent on upgrades, or special abilities. These abilities include removal of ice blocks and oil splashes from the screen, changing all trash to the same type, and a special ability that completely clears the belt. They can’t be activated at any time, of course. There are also upgrades that improve power-ups that randomly appear. There are no special game modes, but it doesn’t feel repetitive, because the main game is exciting and challenging on its own.

The concept is nothing complex, but Scrap Squad is fun simply because it makes no mistakes. There’s no limitation of the game progress, no annoying ads, gold is given rather generously, and the power-ups are actually useful. In short, it has an ideal, player-friendly free-to-play model. Well, that and it’s actually fun to play for more than a minute. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sorting through trash – even more than I usually do – and I don’t think there’s a reason for someone to not like it.

Scrap Squad Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - High-quality 3D graphics and great sound effects.
Controls - Good, without any specifics.
Gameplay - It can feel a bit repetitive, but I didn't really notice it.
Replay Value - It almost reaches Tetris level of forever captivating with a simple mechanic.
Overall - It's really exciting, and it's really fair - the best qualities for a free-to-play game.

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