Scribbler Pro App Review

Scribbler Pro App Review

Dec 29, 2010

I am the proud father of a left handed 4 year old artist who loves to draw. She draws on paper, sidewalks, Fisher-Price Doodle Pro’s and anything else she can get her hands on. My Android phone is no exception, which means it is always stocked with drawing apps. Next on my list of drawing apps to review is Scribbler Pro by developer Rich Stern. Scribbler Pro is the paid version of Scribbler and costs $.99 in the Android Market. This feature rich touch drawing app for Android is great for artists of all ages and offers a variety of pick up and draw presets to get you started. I would now like to draw (pun intended) your attention to the Android Rundown of Scribbler Pro and then you can decide if this application is your box of crayons.

The developer cleverly starts you off with an “Android Original” preset featuring those all too familiar colors that we’ve come to love. Your canvas is of course the screen and at the top you will notice a menu bar featuring nine option icons. You can create a new document, customize brush tools and backgrounds or undo/redo at will. Preview your drawing in full view before deciding on whether or not to save it to your SD card or share it using any of your devices supported applications. The developer has even added a “How To” section which features a brief description of what each menu option does (+1 for instructions).

Since Scribbler Pro is a touch draw application, you use your finger as your medium. Just swipe to draw and let your imagination do the rest. Draw on walls, paper, wooden fences or create your own Keith Haring murals. All of the customizations and options can be overwhelming but that’s the beauty of it. Users have the advantage of choosing how in depth they wish to get with their drawings. One drawback I did notice was the inability to load images into Scribbler Pro. Being able to go back and add to saved drawings or simply vandalizing photos of friends and family are must haves for me and unfortunately this feature is missing from Scribbler Pro. However, the developer has stated that he plans to add this feature in a future update (+1 for developer support).

The developer has also done a really good job at addressing many concerns that plague drawing apps on mobile devices. For one, screen real estate is limited on mobile devices and Scribbler Pro does a good job at adding space by integrating a scroll bar and a menu view toggle. Other little details such as having to press the back button twice to exit (preventing accidental exits), the ability to restore your 20 most recently used brush settings and amazing support make Scribbler Pro a top contender in the gallery of drawing applications for Android.

Scribbler Pro App Review Rundown

Appearance - Very slick and professional looking with extra drawing real estate thanks to a scrollable screen.
User Interface - Very easy to use, concise menu keys with an included "How to" option.
Functionality - Works great and appeals to all ages. Only feature missing at this point is the ability to load images (developer says coming soon)
Lasting Appeal - As long as you enjoy doodling, this app is for you.
Overall - Solid, professional looking drawing app with tons of presets and options. Splash all that with the excellent dev support and you have yourself a masterpiece.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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