Secret of Mana Review

Secret of Mana Review

Nov 10, 2014

Square Enix re-released on if its best rpg’s on Android. But is this old title still worth your time?

If you are a rpg gamer like me, than you must have heard of the game Secret of Mana – whether you’re old or young. It is a game that influenced a lot of other rpg’s out there, with his innovative Ring Command system and real time battles. At the time this game first came out, it was the fresh juice the genre needed, because most of the role playing games were turn-based. This was completely different.


Well, maybe not a hundred percent different, because just like any other Japanese rpg, there this one kid who needs to save the world and during his travels, his newly made friends will accompany him in his journey. It is a old, but successful formula of which Japanese developers did not stray away from and in this day and age, where there are lots of more rpg’s, it is kinda cool to go back again. Although there are many modern rpg’s that follow the same outline, but none of them has the same amount of flare Secret of Mana has, mainly due to some exaggeration.

Like I said, two of the strong pillars of the game are the Ring Command system and the real-time battles. The latter is something we see in ever day rpg’s, so that wasn’t as spectacular. I even want to address that it is a weak point this time around, because of the clunky controls. I find digital controls not responsive in general and it didn’t do anything good for Secret of Mana as well.

The Ring Command system is as welcome as it ever was, making the game, in combination with those real-time action moments, feel way more faster and action oriented than most of the rpg ports. It allows users to make quick decisions about the battle they’re currently in and it felt ever so good when the chosen strategy worked like it did in my head. So it is still one of the strong points of Secret of Mana.

But is the game still worth your time, even after playing two, maybe three decades of playing rpg’s? I say yes – yes to those whom have never played the game before and yes to those whom long for some old school rpg action (even after you’ve played the game already). It is one of the best rpg’s out there – but that doesn’t mean this is the best version. That honor goes to the original one.

Secret of Mana Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Not the best there is on Android, but it is a port after all.
Controls - The controls don't always feel responsive.
Gameplay - This rpg gameplay is rock solid.
Replay Value - There isn't any in a traditional way, but you can spend countless hours in this game.
Overall - Secret of Mana is still one of the best rpg's out there and are worth your time when you're into rpg's. Also: look at the icon. Marvelous.

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