Sentinel 3: Homeworld Review

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Review

Sep 15, 2011

Tower defense games have made a home for themselves on the Android platform. It makes sense; it only takes a couple of minutes to play through a level, and that makes the genre a great fit on mobile devices. Unfortunately, a lot of tower defense games wind up feeling remarkably similar to one another. There are really only a handful of variants on the core gameplay, and as a result, the tower defense genre has a few really great games, and a bunch that feel really similar to one another.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld is one of those rare few tower defense games that really stands out from the crowd. Sure, you’re still setting up towers along a fixed path in an effort to wipe out the enemies before they reach the end of the trail, but this game sets itself apart from the rest of the genre in a few key ways.

First and foremost, Sentinel 3: Homeworld uses barriers to create natural “choke points” in each level. In order to progress further into the level, the enemies will have to break down the barrier. In order to keep the barriers in one piece as long as possible, you’ll want to place your first batch of turrets ahead of the barrier. In fact, you may find yourself placing turrets in less-then-ideal locations just to put a few more obstacles between your enemies and the nearest barrier.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld also differs from other tower defense games in that you actually have an on-screen character. Your Sentinel will automatically attack any enemies that get too close to it, and it even has special abilities you can use to bring your enemies to a halt.

You will also unlock various other special powers that you can use to to wipe your enemies off the map. When things get rough, you can just fire some missiles at your enemies and level the playing field – if you have enough energy to do so that is.

If all of that wasn’t enough, you also earn experience as you play, and as you progress through the game you’ll level up, and unlock new towers and abilities. Before you go into a new level, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your load out with the towers and abilities you want to take into combat with you.

If you have any experience with the tower defense genre, you probably stopped reading this review about two paragraphs back, and bought Sentinel 3: Homeworld. If you haven’t already done so, thanks for reading the whole review – and yes, I definitely recommend you pick up this game.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - Sentinel 3: Homeworld features great visuals and top notch sound.
Controls - Towers always wind up being placed where you intend for them to go, and you can pinch to zoom in or out. These might sound like simple things, but simple, functional controls help to make the game very enjoyable.
Gameplay - Strong level design, and a wide variety of unique features make this one of the best tower defense games around.
Replay Value - After you beat each level, you unlock endless mode. Endless mode, when combined with online leaderboards,makesfor infinite replayability.
Overall - One of the best tower defense games we've seen on the Android platform.

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