Shadow Mafia Gangster Fight Review

Shadow Mafia Gangster Fight Review

Mar 31, 2017

Gamgsters and stickmen? A match made in gaming heaven, perhaps?

We’ll see. Shadow Mafia Gangster Fight gives us a chance to check this amalgam.

It uses, well, stick figures for characterization, outside that, the 3D presentation is decently done.

The gameplay is broken down into missions; the intro mission kinda gives an idea of what you’re supposed to do: get briefed, and complete the mission. The controls are virtual in nature: spots for joystick generated motion, and others for attack, running, crouching, and the like. Missions include stuff like taking out spies, accosting LEOs, robbing banks and all sorts of illegal crime family fare.

The ability to attack from behind is interesting. It does allow for a bit of strategy to completing missions.

One key is learning when to go full out, and when to be slick. The enemy are somewhat smart, in that if one gets careless and is “noticed” by a sentry or target, said target/sentry might attack or flee, causing the mission to be failed.


Failed missions can be re-done though.

It’s an interesting stealth mission adventure no doubt; I admit that some elements, like some choice of the targets, made me queasy. I mean, it’s a mafia game, and there can be no shortage of underworldly characters to fill out the list off baddies to leave the game early. Hey, I admit, I am a bit of a wuss in such matters.

Also, some of the visual tools could be a bit more refined to further help along the gameplay. For instance, the panning action would be a bit more effective with, say, an automatic portion I think.

All in all, it is a bit of an atypical gangster caper, and that helps it with regards to potential mindshare. In a crowded app market, that’s a great foundation.

Shadow Mafia Gangster Fight Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Clean looks, with nice 3D imagery.
Controls - Intuitive selection and placement.
Gameplay - Varied missions with stealth and action.
Replay Value - Fairly engaging
Overall - A stick figure adventure with a lot of action.

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