Siege Hero Review

Siege Hero Review

Aug 6, 2013

It really seems that “throw the rock, destroy the castle” type games faded in popularity as soon as their most popular example – Angry Birds – did. Which is a shame, because destruction-based games are my favorites, and seeing more of them on the market is a great thing. Granted, they’re more or less all the same, with a couple of tweaks here and there, but to me, they’re all precious. So, I was pleasantly surprised to notice Siege Hero, a new physics-based Crash The Castle styled physics puzzler.

Siege Hero is a light game that borrows 90% of its gameplay from Crash The Castle (from the same developer, Armor Games), which puts it at about the same level as Angry Birds. This game is a lot simpler, though, since it doesn’t even require aiming. The player has an array of projectiles, which should be flung by tapping on any point of the structure that needs to be restructured to the ground. The goal isn’t to destroy everything on the level, though, but simply to kill whatever enemy forces are standing in there. If possible, sparing the neutral units. Siege Hero spans through the ages, with each new level pack being situated at different points in history, and boasting some new mechanics and challenges. Siege Hero isn’t particularly difficult to complete, although completing the levels, beating the gold medal is a bit tricky, and requires some thinking around.

Siege Hero 2As the game progresses, new projectiles become available, and can be used to demolish a great deal of the structure. By the way, the game features bombs, which can be used to demolish the building quickly and completely, but which are very rare to obtain, and mostly can only be purchased with real-world money, which is a bit of a downside. It’s totally possible to beat and enjoy the game without spending a cent, though, since the levels, even the trickiest ones, are still possible to pass, after a bit of careful planning, and dozens of failed tries.

Overall, I’d say Siege Hero is alright. I didn’t find it as fun as some of the other games of its kind, but it’s a simple, positive game, and in my opinion, its price pays off quite well. Speaking of which, the game isn’t free, and requires unlocking it for a dollar, to play further than the first world. Still, it’s pretty fun.

Siege Hero Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Pretty primitive graphic and sound design. Nothing bad, but could be better.
Controls - Quite simple and not buggy. Ability to zoom in on the shot is a bliss.
Gameplay - Staple process for a Crash The Castle clone. Still quite enjoyable.
Replay Value - As usual, physics-based engine means lots of tricks to find and scores to beat.
Overall - Moderate, simplistic time-killer. Doesn't have anything majestic, but it doesn't have to.

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