Siegecraft Defender Review

Siegecraft Defender Review

Nov 29, 2013

Siegcraft Defender pays another visit to the well-worn tower defense genre. Does it stand out among the throngs of similar games on Android?

Siegecraft Defender plays pretty much like other tower defense games. There is a portal that constantly spits out enemies in waves of varying amounts. Somewhere else on the battlefield is an area that must be defended. To stop the enemies the player builds fortifications featuring towers and walls to create mazes of fortifications designed to slow down enemies as much as possible so they can be picked apart by the defenses. Each tower has a different effect on enemies.

Screenshot_2013-11-23-14-52-42There are Crossbow Towers which are basic damage dealing towers that shoot quickly but don’t do much damage, Lava Towers that cause a lot of damage, but attack slowly and, Druidic Towers that shoot webs to slow down enemies, leaving them vulnerable to slower firing towers. Each of these towers has to be used smartly to stop enemies effectively.

The lava tower for example does a lot of damage, but it fires so slowly it tends to miss enemies. A web tower nearby however will slow down enemies as they pass under the tower so it can hit them. Each tower can be upgraded three times, greatly boosting its damage or rate of fire and balancing tower upgrades and building more towers is important.

Siegecraft Defender’s gameplay is absorbing. Its great fun to build your fortifications and the way that different towers complement each other works very well. Each level almost always introduces something new or a new gameplay wrinkle, like multiple enemy entrances or a new tower to build.

Screenshot_2013-11-23-22-47-30Siegecraft Defender looks excellent. Each tower looks fantastic and animates very smoothly. Upgrading a tower changes its appearance as well, so it’s very easy to spot towers that still need upgrading. The game is very colorful and full of personality. Even the lowliest enemies are fun to watch and it never gets old seeing your perfect arrangement of towers wiping out enemies with assembly line efficiency.

The sound is mostly great. Each tower has some great sound effects from the “pfft” of the crossbow to the sizzle of the lava. There is a fair bit of voice acting too with amusingly British accents. The only place the sound falls flat is the repetitive death cries of enemies. Sure, constant death is the name of the game in tower defense but some of the grunts get annoying.

What sets Siegecraft Defender apart from other games is its level of polish. It looks and sounds great, is really fun to play, doesn’t have any nasty microtrasactions and feels like the kind of game found on a full gaming console. This level of care and the excellent gameplay make Siegecraft Defender worth checking out for anyone who likes their strategy slow and deadly.

Siegecraft Defender Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Great to look and and listen to.
Controls - Perfect interface with no silly decisions.
Gameplay - A well executed and highly polished game of tower defense.
Replay Value - Has a fair few missions, but probably won't last too long.
Overall - Siegecraft Defender is a shining example of tower defense and a must play for fans of the genre.

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