Siegecraft THD Review

Siegecraft THD Review

Jan 10, 2012

Blowfish Studios have brought their action-strategy title Siegecraft to Android. Originally released on iOS, this game has players using a catapult and crossbow to attack their enemies. Levels consist of a variety of objectives, from defending objectives, destroying bridges to keep the enemies from getting past, warding off zombie hordes, and more. Each level brings something new to the table. Coins can be earned to spend on weapon upgrades, and special ammo, including deadly cows. No, this is not an entirely serious game.

The port to Android, particularly for Tegra 2 devices, is fantastic. The frame rate is incredibly smooth, on par with the iPad 2 version of the game. The game is a great fit on the widescreen resolution of Android tablets. As well, there’s an exclusive campaign where the little green Android dudes are on the warpath and players must try to stop them. Although, on further reflection, it might make more sense if it was an iOS exclusive, considering that the Androids are getting killed! Tablet owners also get the splitscreen multiplayer.

Sadly, the controls are still as awkward to use as they were before; in particular, long-range aiming and firing is problematic, and trying to aim off to one side does cause some finger Twitster to be played. There are particular issues along the edges when trying to aim. The asynchronous multiplayer mode isn’t here at all, which would have been fun in some capacity, especially as the game launched on iOS when iOS 5 came out and that may have caused it to go underplayed as it required that newest OS to function. Launching on Android, using some service like OpenFeint, it would have been easier to make this mode popular. The game is still a bit stingy on coins; a lot of the later upgrades and ammunition types pretty much require in-app purchases in order to buy.

Siegecraft is a particularly impressive Android port, and the game has transitioned well. It’s a great show-off for Tegra 2 devices.

Siegecraft THD Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game looks absolutely fantastic on Android, and runs perfectly smoothly on the Tegra 2 chip.
Controls - Far too many issues with aiming, particularly around the edges of the screen.
Gameplay - Hey, shooting stuff with catapults and crossbows is fun. There's a variety of gameplay modes here as well.
Replay Value - There's a pair of endless modes, and single-device multiplayer for tablets.
Overall - While the controls are an issue, this is a fun action-strategy hybrid.

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