My Singing Monsters Review

My Singing Monsters Review

Dec 17, 2012

My Singing Monsters is a world-building game with a musical theme. To make the game stand out from all others, the characters — which are monsters, in this case — have the ability to “sing”. The player is then encouraged to take care of these monsters in exchange for coins and other rewards.

Other than feeding, a player can also increase a monster’s happiness by buying and placing their favorite items near them. These items are indicated in a profile info page, which can be accessed by tapping on a monster. Monsters can either be bought or bred. To breed monsters, one must purchase a breeding tree — where existing monsters can be cross-bred to give birth to new, more powerful monsters.

Certain monsters cost more than others, and in return give more coins. Coins can be used to buy monsters, structures and other decorative items. Another currency are gems, which can be collected by building mines, or through in-app purchase.

Experience is also gained and certain items can only be unlocked at specified XP levels. Experience is awarded when baking food, upgrading structures, clearing objects and breeding monsters.

Another great thing about My Singing Monsters is the number of different islands one can buy. For a huge amount of coins, which would require ample time to accumulate, one can purchase more islands to build another world with old and new monsters. The song also varies with each island. The coins, gems and food collected from all islands can be used in any of them.

It’s important to note that the game requires an internet connection, as it needs to get game data from it servers. Being internet-based, it does let one share progress through Facebook and Twitter, with an option to add friends who also play the game.

Perhaps the best thing about this game is its stunning graphics. For a free game, the quality is more than what is expected. The latest update also includes a world “makeover” that decorates some worlds with a holiday theme. For instance, in Cold Island, rocks are wrapped in ribbons and Christmas trees light up the place.

World-building games often feel a bit silly and childish, but with this game, it feels completely appropriate. It’s easy to be amused by the monsters and how they complement each other in song. For something that’s free and playable without IAP’s, My Singing Monsters delivers excellent worlds with lovable, singing characters that’s fun to take care of.

My Singing Monsters Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Excellent graphics, music and sound effects makes for a beautiful monster world that's fun to create.
Performance - It may depend on the network connection, but the game plays optimally with average internet speed.
Gameplay - Selecting objects and moving them works perfectly smooth, with very few instances of lag.
Re-Play Value - With steady updates, this game is worth keeping
Overall - My Singing Monsters is an entertaining kind of world-building game -- something that's as simple as taking care of cute, singing monsters.

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  • Mane

    Game definitely has nice graphics and some music features, but in the end you’ll find yourself in the micromanagement money-sucking ads-filled time-consuming hell.
    Too bad authors of the game happened to be such greedy monsters.