Six-Guns Review

Six-Guns Review

Jan 22, 2013

Six-Guns (from prolific Android studio Gameloft) is dusty, horse-laden and backstory-less dive into the Wild, Wild, West.

This is a game that commits a felony, right of that bat, in that it kidnapped me and tossed me on a dusty frontier trail. I liked the graphics and animations, all the way from the galloping house to the glare of the evening-time lanterns outside secretive shacks. The colors blended in very well, and I was drawn by representation of scorching sun and almost felt the dust in my eyelids. Animations and cutscenes were very well rendered.

The gameplay boiled down to a good set of missions I had to complete. I manned a grim Mr Crosshaw, using the short tutorial to learn how to melee fight, and got a cheapie gun to start. I also got a horse. Now the gameplay was fairly inventive. In the opening scene, I saved a buxom maiden, and went on to save a nearby town from some shoot-everything bandits, and moved on to prevent a war by protecting a sacred tree from being destroyed. Even jailbreaks made an appearance. There was more noble stuff, and even horse racing. I thought the missions were very creative, as they incorporated gaming staples and cushioned them with western-theme concepts that mostly made sense. Now, the undead did throw me, but I didn’t ask questions, I just dispatched them.

The horse and weapons were upgradeable. This was done via game cash (accrued by completing missions) or real money. While making progress through the former was indeed possible, it did bog down at times. Still, with replayable levels, playing it without real cash wasn’t unbearable.

For cowboys (and the cowboys at heart), Six-Guns was a fun diversion that can be fun for as long as it is let to be.

Six-Guns Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice western motif via use of sun-drenched colors.
Controls - Well-spaced, but could be bigger.
Gameplay - Smart use of missions to accumulate spending money.
Replay Value - Fairly addicitve; varied mission-set stokes continued return.
Overall - Another fun title from Gameloft.

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