SkillTwins Football Game Review

SkillTwins Football Game Review

Oct 25, 2016

You don’t need to be an unabashed, bleary-eyed, hoarse-throated football (soccer) feen to enjoy the skilled sibling duo known the SkillTwins. You don’t really even need to like sports to be entranced by their otherworldly ball mastery, timing and synchronicity. Whether playing competitively or doing a choreographed routine, you invariably end the viewing thinking on one should be able to do the things those boys do with their feet.

And yes, I definitely am an unabashed, bleary-eyed, hoarse-throated football feen.

It’s especially cool to see a mobile game fashioned after the twins: SkillTwins Football Game allows those of us with somewhat less formidable ball control an opportunity to be SkillTwins, one handheld moment at a time.

Of course, the first thing to really see are the graphics. It is a bright, colorful affair, one that invokes summertime outdoors, with plenty of simulated effects. The animations are really what make the game tick, especially when one considers he subject matter: intricate ball moves. The footwork translates to onscreen poetry, insanely crazy put seemingly realistic.


The game employs different scenes, and the soccer-ish tools (mannequins, cones, etc) come across well. The little extras, like celebrations and celbratory flashes, add a bit of fun that help the game visuals.

The gameplay boils down to a leveled set of challenges; as to be expected, the action increases in difficulty as one goes on. the controls were a bit tricky, but the core idea is to follow the arrows, do tricks for bonuses, and finish with flair. he range, obstacles and end targets do get creative.

All in all, it is an engaging diversion, bringing soccer skills performance to a simple, doable level. The control mechanism feels a bit wonky at first, but as one progresses, it all begins to make sense, and the leveled presentation allows the game to be consumed at a reasonable pace.

SkillTwins Football Game Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Sharp animations that do a great job of highlighting gameplay while looking realistic.
Controls - A bit touchy.
Gameplay - Leveled challenges.
Replay Value - Works well to keep players interested.
Overall - A fun diversion, with high engagement value.

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