Sky Review

Sky Review

Sep 30, 2015

If one is already familiar with Ketchapp games — and there really is no reason one shouldn’t be — one should expect a seemingly simple game with arcade aspirations. With Sky, Ketchapp doesn’t disappoint.

The game is a slick-looking number from the start; it is presented in landscape, and makes use of a stark background to frame the gamplay. It has a very clean look overall, and teeters pleasantly towards the futuristic with it’s polished use of perspective and interestingly shaped pieces.sky7

The gameplay feels a bit like Pac-Man, but leans more heavily on the survival side of things. The player controls a square piece, which moves continually from the top of the screen to the foreground. There are obstacles in the way, and the big idea is fairly obvious: avoid the obstacles and travel as far as possible. Primarily, there are yellow pellets that line the travel area that the square “consumes” while moving; these are also a measure of distance.

This is where the simplicity of the game makes itself known; the big tool with regards to avoiding obstacles (in this case, stationary squares) it to jump by tapping. Double tapping initiates a double jump that is makes the piece go higher and further than a regular jump. Because of how the “bad” squares are placed, one has to have a good sense of timing to be successful. For example, jumping multiple squares in succession is a visual battle, as one has to hit the gaps just right, as one misstep causes a collision, ending the run.

Like a true arcade game, there is an interesting twist when one travels so far: there are green houses that “split” the traveling square, such that one might find oneself simultaneously controlling multiple squares going down multiple paths. This is a particularly challenging aspect that adds to the game’s allure. There are also portals which, again, play delightful havoc on the eyes.

In the end, it’s all about that high score. The game is pretty well contained; an optional real cash unlock kills ads, but outside that, one can do other things (like unlocking other play pieces) by playing through.

Kethcapp has it figured out: simple does it.

Sky Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Clean and straightforward.
Controls - Tap to jump and double jump. Simple.
Gameplay - Arcade-style obstacle avoidance.
Replay Value - Quite addicitve
Overall - Simple yet engaging.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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