Slingshot Braves Review

Slingshot Braves Review

May 7, 2014

I’m not sure whether I should call Slingshot Braves a role-playing game, or an arcade game. Of course it has lots of role-playing elements to it, but the “quests”, characters and story are secondary to the turn-based action that requires more skill than knowledge to win. The action takes place in a universe besieged by monsters that try to find an ancient artifact that… destroys them? I’m not sure about it really, but the idea is that there’s special weaponry and battle strategies that utilize the combatant’s acceleration to deflect himself. What it actually means is that you are battling with pool balls. Instead of simply click-spamming your opponent, you need to launch your squadmates at a right angle and try to hit as many enemies as possible. I feel safe in saying that I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Of course, this being an eastern free-to-play game, there’s an absurd amount of free-to-play mechanics, including energy, half-rigid paywalls, ads, and an ever-present nagging to purchase something. But the thing is, the gameplay is absolutely unique and definitely worth a try even if you are sick of FTP mechanics – just to see something you’ve most probably never saw before.

There are three squad-mates, and each of them can be equipped with one of five special types of weapons. They are actually different and can be used to SLINGSHOT BRAVES 3solve different tricky situations – if the player knows how to use them the best, of course. For example, the token weapon is a double blade.

When a user is launched, he hits the enemy and deflects at a certain angle. When launched properly, he can deal damage to all enemies on the board. There is also armor that can be equipped and upgraded alongside weapons. The armor also has a neat trick where, if the person wears suiting pieces, he gets a stat boost.

Overall, Slingshot Braves has lots of small unusual mechanics that set it apart from other free-to-play RPGs. Too bad it doesn’t try new things with free-to-play model itself, or it could have been one of the best and most unusual role-playing games on the platform. As it stands, Slingshot Braves is just a mediocre and interesting experiment – still worth trying out, though.

Slingshot Braves Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Moderately good 3D.
Controls - Camera isn't very helpful, otherwise - good.
Gameplay - Oh, how I wish it wasn't free-to-play, as the mechanics are worth much more by themselves.
Replay Value - If the paywall isn't an issue, there are lots of special events, multiplayer, and quests to embark on.
Overall - The game is good, free-to-play madness is not.

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