Small Bang Theory Review

Small Bang Theory Review

Jan 30, 2014

Small Bang Theory is a good example of graphics over gameplay. It might not look like much but the gameplay is there. Small Bang Theory was made in just 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam. For a game initially made in two days it sure is a great one.

Small Bang Theory features a molecule racing along a metal corridor. Grabbing blue molecules gives points but the read treasures are the green molecules. These boost your speed and once enough are collected the player advances to the next level getting faster each time. A really neat touch is that every time a new level is reached the music gets louder and new sounds are added. The evolving music really sucks the player into the game.

Screenshot_2014-01-13-19-39-04Besides the large molecules, smaller ones also appear in different colors. Each color gives the molecule a different powerup. For example, yellow ones slow down time, while red ones provide a shield.

Running into a red molecule ends the run and if a high score is reached it can be entered. That’s basically Small Bang Theory in a nutshell. It is good old fashioned twitch gameplay.

The powerups add a bit to the game, but most requires multiple molecules to actually be useful. The more molecules of each color the player grabs the longer the effect lasts. The shield for example works for about a second with each red molecule. The slow time one, even with one or two collections still is great for dodging red molecules that would otherwise be moving too fast to avoid.

Small Bang Theory revels in its minimalism. The basic gameplay makes it very easy for anyone to pick up but it is very addictive and fun and the evolving music really makes the player want to get further into the game to see what is added to the song next.

Screenshot_2014-01-13-19-43-31Graphically, Small Bang Theory looks great and uncomplicated. Besides the aforementioned molecules a neat addition is the way the background changes each time a new level is reached. With each level advance the background explodes and looks more destroyed, giving a nice sense of progression. The way collected powerups orbit around your molecule like atoms looks neat too.

The sound is excellent. The basic beeps and boops of gameplay are pleasingly minimalist but the music is the real star. Super catchy techno music is the order of the day and the way it builds during the course of a game is trance inducing. Really good stuff.

Small Bang Theory is an exceedingly simple game so it isn’t likely to have much in the way of replay value. The basic single player mode is the only mode and there are no achievements or other features. Only the offline high score list is available. There are no online high score lists.

Small Bang Theory is a well made, but short lived action game. Its core idea and presentation are great but a lack of replay value hurts it somewhat. For $0.99 it is a good bit of fun.

Small Bang Theory Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Smooth minimalist graphics and a great soudtrack.
Controls - Hard to see how the interface or controls could be improved.
Gameplay - Not a lot to it, but what's there is fun stuff.
Replay Value - A short lived game.
Overall - Small Bang Theory is an enjoyable and easy to play action game.

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