Snappers Review

Snappers Review

Jul 27, 2012

Most casual games for Android offer intense game play with constantly tapping, swiping or flicking the screen. It takes a clever game, however, to require the exact opposite from a player. Snapper is one of those games. The fewer you tap, the higher the chance of moving on to the next level.

From the makers of Logo Quiz, this mind-bending puzzle game originally made for iPhone is now available for Android. It’s essentially a bubble popping game – inspired by Bubble Blast – that requires one to eliminate all bubbles by tapping on the right ones with a limited number of taps – mostly two or three.

It sounds simple enough, but it’s not long until the levels get more challenging. Each bubble is color coded and differ in size. Only red bubbles pop at first tap, while other colors (blue, yellow and green) require several taps (before they become red and ready to pop). When bubbles pop, they blast other bubbles around them (vertical and horizontal only) – which is equivalent to one tap.

If the bubble beside a popped one is not red, it will not pop yet and will instead turn into the next color according to the game’s rules. This can be a bit hard to remember so one can tap on a Help button after every round to check on the bubble hierarchy.

There’s a hint button on the top right corner of the screen to help get through difficult levels. The game offers the first two hints for free, with the succeeding ones available through an in-app purchase. Hints are sold in packs – 10 hints being the minimum. To get more items for sale, there is a Shop icon on the game’s main menu. Tapping on an item in the shop will bring you to the Play Store to proceed with the purchase.

Tapping more than the limit will end the game and one would need to repeat the level before proceeding to the next round. Pressing on the phone’s Back key will also pause the game and give you other options such as resuming or restarting the game.

The game has a lot of levels. The first portion alone has around 50 levels, half of them are really challenging ones. More levels are also available for purchase in the Play Store.

Since the game requires less taps and more thinking, game play is as smooth as it can be. However, some users report a black background loading instead of the colored ones – something I did experience on my HTC Sensation once while loading the next level. This seemed to go away after a few seconds of switching between the Home screen and the game.

The graphics are easy on the eyes and not too elaborate. Even the animation has a subtle quality to it, along with it relaxing background music and discreet sound effects.

It takes a while to understand the game, and gamers who are impatient or wants more action-centric game play will probably fail to see the value of this game. However, for those who like a mental challenge that doesn’t involve excessive tapping – Snappers is a good choice.

Snappers Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Cute, simple and colorful - it's the right combination for solving quite challenging puzzles.
Performance - It runs well as expected - as any lightweight casual game should be running.
Game Play - Other than occasional black backgrounds, the game runs smoothly with its accurate tap response.
Replay Value - There are tons of free levels in this game that one can still enjoy it without purchasing extra levels.
Overall - Snappers is a fun, cute game that is both visually and mentally engaging,

App available on the Google Play Store »

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