Sneezies Review

Sneezies Review

Feb 20, 2012

What may be iOS developer Retro Dreamer’s most poopular game, Sneezies, is now available on Android. This is a game of chain reactions: the cute Sneezies float around the screen, and players tap anywhere on the screen to pop them. When popped, they sneeze, and the debris then pops other Sneezies in range, who then pop others with their sneeze, and so on until no more Sneezies can be popped. The goal is generally to pop a set number of Sneezies in each level. Simple as that.

This is a perfect game for kids. The simple controls, bright colors, and cute characters, are perfect for the young ones to play around with when they pick up the phone or tablet. The game has multiple modes outside the main one, including a ten-level Score EX mode, a Challenge mode with multiple pops, and a free popping mode that just lets players pop Sneezies with no time limit or restrictions.

At later difficulties, it feels more like luck is involved in succeeding, at least in the main mode. Finding a good starting point for the chain reactions is key, but at some point, it just becomes about sitting back and hoping that everything works out well. The Challenge mode’s multiple pops make it more skill-based, but there are still bonuses for events that are out of the player’s control. The game really just does not feel as much like a skill game, as much as it is just one for kids (or anyone else looking for a simple game) to sit back and enjoy, marveling at the cute colors.

Sneezies is not the deepest game out there, but it is a fun distraction, and popping the little fuzzballs is quite entertaining. The game is available for free from the Android Market, and in a paid version with art for high-resolution screens from the Amazon Appstore.

Sneezies Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game is vibrant and colorful, representing its theme very well.
Controls - Tap on the screen, an explosion comes out that starts popping Sneezies.
Gameplay - It's fun to pop the Sneezies, but it ultimately feels like it's a lot about luck instead of skill.
Replay Value - Multiple game modes, and a fun popping mechanic make this one have some legs.
Overall - It's not the most advanced game in the world, but kids and adults who enjoy chain reactions will love it.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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