Soul Historica Review

Soul Historica Review

Jul 30, 2014

Soul Historica is a new RPG from the house of RPGs; Kemco. Kemco have been cranking out quality RPGs for Android for several years now and Soul Historica is no exception.

Soul Historica tells the story of York, a young man drawn into a sinister plot and Eris, a young girl unwittingly used as a tool. The game has a major twist about 20 minutes into it and it doesn’t stop there. Some excellent dialogue and great translation really bring the characters to life. There are constant breaks in gameplay for story exposition and anyone who likes a good story and believable characters will enjoy these.

Screenshot_2014-07-21-23-14-54Soul Historica has an in depth battle system that really makes the player think. Each character has a Soul Cage, an item for capturing and using monster souls in combat. Killing enemies sometimes causes them to drop their souls and these can be equipped into a character’s Soul Cage for various effects. For example a goblin soul raises that character’s attack power. If the player equips two souls of the same type this unlocks a new class for that character depending on the type of souls equipped.

Equipping a Mage type character with two magic/physical souls unlocks the Druid class for the Wizard who combines magic with much stronger physical attacks. New skills for each class can be unlocked as well. The stat boosts and alternate classes provide a ton of depth to combat and encourage playing the game in new ways to unlock all the skills.

Screenshot_2014-07-21-22-27-20Weapon based combat is similarly in depth. Each weapon in the game has an optimum range and a range where it is nearly useless. Both enemies and characters can move around the battlefield freely and keeping the correct distance from enemies is vital to success. A party full of bow users will just get creamed by a group of melee enemies, while swordsmen lack the range to pick off opposing mages who often stay far away, behind their melee friends and blast the party from a distance.

Soul Historica’s biggest weakness is its presentation. A familiar, pseudo 16 bit style common to Kemco’s RPGs gets the job done but isn’t exceptional. Character art looks very nice. The portraits during dialogue are especially good. Still Soul Historica isn’t the game to play for players expecting a graphics extravaganza. Combat is very drab. There are no spell effects to speak of and very basic attack animations.

The sound is very basic. There is nearly no sound in combat save a weak little, “puk” when someone is hit. There are no magic sound effects or anything fancy like that. The music saves the day somewhat as it is pretty good. Tunes repeat bit too often however and a few more music tracks would help offset the lack of sound.

Soul Historica is an excellent, deep, RPG and anyone who enjoys a good story or accessible tactical combat will have a great time with it.

Soul Historica Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Soul Histroica looks and sounds old. This doesn't get in the way of gameplay however.
Controls - A easy to use interface and great tutorials.
Gameplay - Lots to fiddle with and addictive RPG gameplay. Great story.
Replay Value - A lot to do and hard to put down.
Overall - Soul Historica is a RPG with soul and is a must play for tactical RPG fans.

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