Space Ace Review

Space Ace Review

Jan 14, 2013

Admit it: with all the new-fangled games on the new-fangled screens, we all long for some old-school gaming. And it could be said that designing a good, compelling retro gamer may be harder than one with “modern” graphics.

Space Ace is a game from Digital Leisure Inc that attempts to be the vehicle that takes you on the journey to yonder years. It helps that Space Ace is a port of the 80s arcade classic it gets its name from.

The game keeps its graphical template very close to the original; in fact, the developer states that it used original animated sequences in the development. It certainly looked that way, as the game was a delightful excursion to cartoons from an earlier time. The colors had what current graphic aficionados might describe as washed out, but to someone whose first known US president was Reagan, it had a fun feel to it. The animations had the characteristic jumpy tics usually associate with arcade offerings of the time period, and the sounds followed suit as well.

The gameplay was reminiscent of the original game. I played as Ace, the titular hero of the saga. While facing the villainous Commander Borf, I got zapped by a weapon that reverted me to a juvenile version of myself (Dexter). To really add salt to my wound, he also abducted my beloved Kimberly. The basic goal was to avoid destruction, defeat Borfie an rescue my lady love. Now, while the virtual controls were fairly easy to get to, using them took a bit of practice. Yay for tutorials… to dodge the devious Borf, I had to react to on-screen visual cues to which told me where to move to do as to avoid damage. For instance, a flash of green to my left told me that I had beeter use my controls to get my character to the left, because that is where the next salvo was headed to. There was also a gun/energize button. Basically, I had to react quickly to the flashing light to keep progressing through the game.

Chalk this one up to being another game I ended up enjoying way more than I envisaged. Regardless of wether one is a Dexter or an Ace a heart, this one will probably tickle one’s fancy.

Space Ace Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - One word: awesome!
Controls - Easy and minimalistic are great attributes to have.
Gameplay - Retro is definitely in.
Replay Value - Great storyline will make ou return.
Overall - An awesome game that transports us to a different gaming generation.

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