Space Bunnies Review

Space Bunnies Review

May 3, 2011

Space is huge, full of wonders and miracles and billions of things that we as a species haven’t even been able to imagine yet. If Space Bunnies, the new Android title from ShockPanda Games, is to be believed, it’s also full of bubbles and strange leeches that steal fuel from the engines of space ships. Oh, and bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

Space Bunnies is a wonderfully presented game, a mixture of simple puzzle mechanics, tilt controls and a charming graphic style that’s both endearing and easy on the eye. You play a spaceship full of adventuring rabbits who have decided that it’s time to head back home, dodging obstacles and picking up their rabbity friends along the way.

You start each level on a planet, then blast yourself off with a slide of a finger. Tilting your phone moves the spaceship around the screen, enabling you to swerve around oncoming attackers, meteorites and, perhaps more importantly, turn corners. Scattered throughout each level are other worlds and you’ll have to visit all of them if you want to get full marks. Your spaceship also has defenses against threats, including a limited number of explosives on its hull.

There are currently three different adventures for you to undertake, each comprising of ten levels, with another one on the way soon, so there’s plenty of game for you to get your teeth into. Unfortunately though, there are some problems with the game. For starters, sometimes the touch screen menus aren’t sensitive enough, and you’re left ineffectually jabbing the screen to try and select what you want to do next.

The biggest problem though, is that Space Bunnies’ control mechanism isn’t suited to this sort of game. Tilt controls don’t really work from a top down perspective, especially if you’re trying to dodge and weave your way through a tightly packed asteroid field or avoid the attentions of a hungry space leech.

It’s a shame that a really great game is sullied by clumsy, muddy controls. Space Bunnies could be a must have app, and if something is done with the control system, then it’s likely to become just that. It wouldn’t take much, even a slight increase in sensitivity would make the game eminently more playable. As it stands, it’s a good game, with a bit of work, it could be a great one.

Space Bunnies Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - A really great looking and sounding game.
Controls - A lack of sensitivity give the game a clumsy feel.
Gameplay - A nice idea and when it works it's a lot of fun.
Replay Value - Lots to do and lots to explore.
Overall - A good game let down by its unwieldy control system.

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