Sparky Lock Screen Review

Sparky Lock Screen Review

Aug 22, 2013

One of the most appealing aspects of having an Android phone is the ability to customize to your hearts content. Nearly any audio file can be used as a ringtone or alarm, home screens can be heavily edited and there’s all manner of applications available to ensure your phone or tablet is like no one else’s.

It’s at this point Sparky Lock Screen comes in. By default, most Android devices don’#t have particularly interesting or even useful ‘lock screens’. They serve little purpose other than being able to ‘swipe to unlock’ and that’s about it.

It’s odd to think that a screen that most of us will look at a huge number of times a day has had such little attention paid to it. Sparky Lock Screen tries to do away with this by offering 10 unique lock screens.unnamedCA75OY1V

Some are animated and some contain randomly selected words of wisdom but what’s consistent is that they all look great and all have a level of functionality to them. Far better than your standard lock screen. From the lock screen you can now clearly and easily see how many emails, text messages and missed call you have. Again, depending on the screen you’ve chosen yourself you can go straight to you desired messaging, e-mail or phone call making app.

So whilst the screens themselves are good, the app does its part to make sure that selecting and modifying your lock screen is an easy process too. Within Sparky Lock Screen you have a testing mode that allows you to easily get an idea of what the chosen screen looks like and how it works. There previously mentioned level of customization also means you can alter certain elements of the chosen lock screen, such as background color or picture as well as editing shortcuts to either take you to an e-mail app or to the phone’s camera.

Another feature that’s somewhat pointless is Sparky Lock Screen‘s ‘telepathic unlock’. This basically allows you to unlock your phone without touching it, by simply waving your hand over the front of the screen. I’m going to guess that it works by picking up information from a front-facing camera and in the end, it’s nothing more than a gimmick.

In conclusion, Sparky Lock Screen has a good selection of lock screens that add extra functionality to something that phone users have to look at on a daily basis. One issue is that there’s no security to the lock screens. If, like me, you have a password entry on your phone it makes unlocking the device a 2-step process now. You firstly swipe away the Sparky Lock screen and are then prompted by your phone’s PIN entry screen. Not very ideal for the more security conscious users out there.

Sparky Lock Screen Review Rundown

User Interface - Simple to use and clear instructions throughout.
Usefulness - Added functionality is a treat, though phones with PIN locks will now have 2 'lock screens'.
Performance - Works extremely well on the Nexus 4. No issues whatsoever.
Value - 10 screens for just over £1.00.
Overall - A solid set of lock screens that offer useful information and shortcuts to apps. Issues with PIN entry aside, a recommended purchase.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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