Special Enquiry Detail 2 Review

Special Enquiry Detail 2 Review

Oct 16, 2013

G5 hits up with yet another hidden mystery thriller in the name of Special Enquiry Detail 2. Yes, it’s a sequel of first game of similar name from the productive development house.

In this one, brides are being hunted by the maniacal Engagement Killer, and it’s up to detectives Lamonte and Turino to figure this out. They get tapped by special request from the influential relative of a bride-to-be.

At it heart, this game is a hidden object game. The gameplay almost immediately goes for quick identification and isolation of clues that can be used/manipulated to help solve the bigger mysteries. Interacting with characters is a huge part of the game; very useful information can be gleaned in this manner, and are almost needed. Logical sequences need to be adhered to, and in some cases, solving a current problem entails going “ahead” in the game to collect itemspec1 that can be used to solve said problem.

Mini-games are also a part of the solution process; in the one a keen eye is needed to separate wires; others are as simple as looking for specific items.

The graphics are nice, with creative cutscenes providing atypical buffer. In fact, this is one game that I looked forward to seeing how the video clips linked the story together. A lot of detail is put into making stuff look realistic, with wistful coloration adding a degree of gravity to the storyline. The dark scenes looked sufficiently spooky, and even the audio bits conveyed the plot nicely; the game uses both dialogue bubbles and audio to denote speech.

I though the graphical representation of person-to-person interaction could have been a bit more refined; the disembodied torsos weren’t ugly, just a bit weird when weighed against the rest of the graphics. Some clues are bit extraneous, but as far as flow, this is one of G5’s more polished offerings.

Which, with G5’s history, is saying quite a lot.

Special Enquiry Detail 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Cool graphics, nice cutscenes and appropriate sounds.
Controls - Mostly tapping and dragging.
Gameplay - Varied and expansive, with mini-games thrown in the mix.
Replay Value - Quite addictive.
Overall - Another compelling application from G5.

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