Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review

Nov 6, 2012

When it comes to Android handheld racing, Electronic Arts is the custodian of awesomeness. With more than just a few great titles under its belt, it is easy to assume that the next car-racing title would be spectacular. Fortunately, EA seems to realize this, and does not take it for granted with Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The premise was simple and in line with previous titles: battling with other street racers and law enforcement, all to earn the coveted title of “Most Wanted.”

Graphics were top-notch, and they matched the sounds. The starting car, for instance, was beautiful to look at. This game offered me two views to race (rear and dash), and the racing angles and perspectives were quite realistic. I looked that there were two irons to steer; I could pick to maneuver by tilting or via touch.

Moving on in the game was based on performance. I had to unlock new tracks by finishing earlier ones, and placing as a top finisher earned me speed points (which was cash in this virtual world). And of course, you had the option of converting real world money to spend points as well, and the exchange rate was not that bad. Some might balk at IAP being in a premium-price game, but it is possible to advance at a decent pace without making them; I was able to accumulate more upgrade points by re-racing old tracks.

The use of Origin to track scores across platforms gives the game the almost-requisite social aspect.

Now, for the tough question: is Most Wanted such a big change from previous titles in the franchise? Well, based on raw gaming alone, maybe not too much, but the graphics and added crash detail do allow for gamers to reasonably think of this title as an upgrade.

There is no better way to live like an outlaw while maintaining the facade of responsibility in real life, I think. Most Wanted allows people to feed the inner renegades while coaxing the baby daughter to sleep.

Or so I have heard.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review Rundown

Graphic/Sound - Excellent graphics and accompanying sound.
Controls - Additional method of control will appeal to more gamers.
Gameplay - Simple and well done:Race, elude police, make money, race some more.
Replay Value - Plenty of road in this game; cross-platform comparisons add another layer.
Overall - Probably the best title in the NFS franchise for Android, and that is saying a lot.

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