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Spellwood is a puzzle strategy game with a twist. It’s very similar to classic board games like Scrabble, but it makes it more interactive with its RPG style. Here, brains (and an expansive vocabulary) are your best weapon to destroy the enemy.

The game has Adventure mode, which is for a single player, and Duel Friends, where you can play with Facebook friends.

It starts in Spellwood Academy, where the player is a wizard who must battle with other wizards in a word-spelling challenge. Both hero and opponent take turns to fill the board with words from a set of seven randomly selected letters. A player can append his word to what’s already laid down on the board, or make another word using at least one letter from the previously spelled word. If a word is valid, the wand button becomes available to tap and the word’s score is revealed. This score is also used to lessen the opponent’s life meter. The last player standing is the winner of the battle.

If a player can not put together words from his set of letters, he can tap on the swap button to lose his turn and swap up to five tiles. While this may be beneficial, it’s also an opportunity for the opponent to gain more points and cause bigger damage.

As the game progresses, there are special powers given to the hero. Some tiles on the playing board holds bonus points when a letter is placed on it, and in later levels, a hero is granted control over where to place these bonus tiles. Special items are also given throughout the game, depending on how well one has played. Special items can only be used once in battle, and only during a player’s turn. These items include the ability to change a letter from a consonant to a vowel, or vice versa — however, a player cannot control which letter will be given.

Spellwood‘s game design and vibrant interface makes it a delight to play for kids of all ages. Dragging tiles around is super smooth, with no performance issues. It also provides you with lots of levels, securing a long term residence in your phone. It may look like a game made for kids, but after playing a few rounds, I was glad to see how it builds the challenge gradually.

With its unique game setup, colorful graphics and fluid performance, I’d say Spellwood is a fine way to have fun while expanding your vocabulary.

Spellwood Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Graphics are playful and vibrant, brilliant animations.
Performance - No delays or lags experienced at any point, game controls are smooth and responsive
Game Play - Spelling words are as simple as dragging letters around, with no issues.
Re-Play Value - With lots of levels and an option for rematches, the game is definitely worth playing more than needed.
Overall - Spellwood will engage and delight any word enthusiast.

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