SpinArt Review

SpinArt Review

Apr 12, 2011

There are two types of people in the world: those with artistic talent, and those without. If you’re artistically inclined, you probably won’t get much out of SpinArt. If on the other hand, like me, your finest artwork comes in the form of stick figure drawings, read on – SpinArt might just be for you.

SpinArt presents the user with a blank canvas shaped like a square, circle, star, or flower, as well as a a fairly robust color palette. You pick a color, choose whether you want a thin line of virtual paint or a thicker splatter, start the canvas spinning and create. By using different colors, and alternating between the two paint types, I was able to create some surprisingly interesting pieces, which is impressive when you consider the fact that most of my regular drawings are indistinguishable from those done by a first-grader.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can share it with others via text message, Facebook, Twitter, or just about any other application you have installed on your phone that is used for communicating with other people. Just click the share button, and you can show off your latest work of art with anyone and everyone you know.

SpinArt offers up good fun for anyone with thumbs, but for those looking for a robust art app, this isn’t it. There’s no undo feature, and only two options for the size of the line you can throw down. The controls don’t lend themselves to precision, even when the canvas isn’t spinning, so don’t expect to draw anything in this app. SpinArt is designed for creating swirly tie-dyed style art, and nothing more.

If you’re in the market for a fun app to kill some time with, SpinArt can help you do just that, and hey, who knows, you might make something interesting with it that you can share with your friends. If you’re looking for a robust art app that will let you draw something specific on your phone, SpinArt isn’t for you.

SpinArt Review Rundown

Appearance - SpinArt allows you to create some really interesting pieces of art.
User Interface - SpinArt has nice big buttons, making it easy to control. Picking a color can be a bit twitchy though.
Functionality - The controls are designed strictly for creating spin art, rather than drawing, but they do what they're intended to do.
Usefulness - You can share your art with others easily, but the app lacks any robust image editing capabilities.
Overall - SpinArt is a fun little app for people an interest in creating art, but little actual artistic talent.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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