Spira Defence Review

Spira Defence Review

Mar 9, 2011

One night, I was looking for interesting games to review for Android, and saw a game called Spira Defence – while it wasn’t the most impressive-looking game in the world, its concept intrigued me, and I checked it out. Little did I know that this game was originally released back in 2008, and was appearing on a top list that I searched through. There may just be some hidden gems to find out there. Spira Defence follows basic tower defense mechanics – enemy creeps come after you to attack you, you have to set up towers to attack them and keep them from coming after you. The difference in this game is that enemies fly in from outside the map towards the center, where your base is – and where your towers are at. You also only have 5 towers, so the game is more about selecting which towers you want to build and your upgrade path, instead of trying to overwhelm your enemy with huge numbers of enemies.

This reliance on using only several towers to play the game forces you to strategize differently, and it often takes several plays to figure out what your strategy will be, and how the units work for you. While certain formations are more effectively taken out by certain units, it feels like this game is all about being smart, and using powerups well, and trying to build a strong set of towers for long-term success, not just trying to survive occasional ‘gotcha’ waves of towers that are strong against some of your towers. It just feels like smarter design.

The game is VERY primitive graphically – it doesn’t even compare favorably to the old Tank Wars game. I honestly could have made these graphics in Paint. While the game does run properly on newer phones, the gameplay area is very small, and the bottom menu is made way too large to compensate for the taller aspect ratio of the game. Considering that your tower ranges can eventually expand to be so large that they extend into the bottom menu, it seems like the game could make use of an update fixing this to work better on modern phones. As well, the free version of the game has 72 levels. Getting that far is a challenge, so the Pro version may only be worth it if you get good enough at the game to check out the full version.

Spira Defence may not be a new game, or even the most graphically advanced Android game ever, but for recent converts to the Android platform like myself, it’s an interesting tower defense game and worth a look still. Look past the basic graphics, and you’ll find a tower defense game that doesn’t play like most other entries in the genre. The free version is at least worth a download – if you find yourself needing to play more of the game beyond the first 72 levels or just hate banner ads, then the Pro version is worth checking out.

Spira Defence Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game runs smoothly, but the graphics and sound are about as primitive as you can possibly get.
Controls - Occasionally you might accidentally select a wrong unit, and figuring which unit's range is tricky.
Gameplay - The gameplay is unique to the genre - and only getting to use a few towers and focus on upgrading with them is a different experience from other games.
Replay Value - Lots and lots of levels, even in just the free version, with a Checkpoint system to help you resume from where you left off.
Overall - The game needs to be modernized badly, but the core gameplay is solid.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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