Squarescape Review

Squarescape Review

Aug 14, 2013

Gotta say, simple games that test my mind are ALWAYS welcome… which is why I figure Squareshape should be a breath of fresh air. Having Noodlecake Studios as the developer certainly doesn’t hurt its reputation either.

The game come in in 2D format. In each level, there is a container of mostly irregular design. This container generally has two exits, and a dot/ball somewhere in the container. There is a also a small square which is in essence the playing piece. The overall objective of each puzzle is nice the playing piece from the entrance to the exit, while collecting the dot on the way.

Between the playing square, the dot and the exit is a series of objects that can help or hinder the goal. There are square1stationary squares that are the same size as the playing square.

The real challenge is harnessing the movement of the playing piece. Swiping it makes it move indefinitely till it is stopped by a container wall or one of the squares in question. In this sense, the squares could be help or hindrances. As the game progresses, there are new elements added, like freeze squares which stop the playing square in place when traveled over and Xs, which destroy the squares and forces the level to be restarted.

The indefinite movement of the playing square is what makes the game such a challenge. As noted, it only stops when stopped by a stationary square, a container wall or a freeze square. Thus, positioning to get the dot, and then move on out of the container becomes quite tricky. The X spots are positioned such that it is possible to get trapped with a bad move.

And, oh yeah… the puzzles should be completed with a minimum of moves.

This game is so simply laid out that the potential for fun could be easily overlooked at first glance. That will be a mistake; there are few time wasters better.

Squarescape Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple 2D environment; use of primary colors works well. Animation are utilitarian.
Controls - Gesture based movement; did act wonky at times, but it is a great concept.
Gameplay - Very simple, but deceptively simple.
Replay Value - Highly addictive.
Overall - Great game based on a simple concept.

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