Star Splitter 3D Review

Star Splitter 3D Review

Dec 5, 2012

Star Splitter 3D from StepGames Inc. is a space shooter that heats up the screen. The gameplay was slickly designed to combine with the graphics and not conflict with it.

The “3D” tag is not a misnomer either; the developer does a good job with this specific aspect of the game. The ship I piloted looked great, and so did the boulders and spaceships hurtling towards me so intent on my destruction. The space-inspired colors blended together quite well, and with stars and galactic formations making a formidably beautiful backdrop. All in all, but the imagery was so rich that I was sorely tempted to take a second to enjoy the scenery.

Not a good idea. Gameplay-wise, distance and survival defined the game in the name of exploration. Shooting enemy ships was an element of the latter. Targeting proved to be a bit of a challenge at first; since my sights were not direct so to speak, this added some complexity. I had to get the targeting system lined up by moving the craft, while still dodging oncoming obstacles. I also had to avoid enemy fire, so there was a lot going on. I found that the longer I stayed alive, the tougher the sequences became, and the quicker I had to think.

The tasks included things like gathering crystals and destroying boulders, and completing them got me bonus points. Distance and kills added to the tally.

I liked the customization options that the game had; for example, I was able to switch the way I controlled the ship, and from tilt control to my preferred virtual joystick. The game provide upgrades that were obtainable via in-app purchasing, and I could also use real cash if so inclined.

Star Splitter 3D is a futuristic shooter that has the potential to tie folks in and keep ’em stuck and losing track of time.

Star Splitter 3D Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Excellent graphics and matching sounds.
Controls - Took some getting used .
Gameplay - Fun gameplay with excellent perspective.
Replay Value - Plenty of play to be had.
Overall - Modern twist to an old genre.

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