Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Review

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Review

Jan 20, 2015

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic on Android is the same fantastic game KOTOR has always been. Taking control of a sightly mysterious rebellion soldier, the player works their way through a thrilling plot with a party of interesting, varied allies and plenty of tactical, turn based combat. Players can build their character in many different ways, whenever as a melee fighter, a blaster toting desperado or a charismatic manipulator that talks their way out of trouble. Later in the game when the player becomes a Jedi, a whole lot more skill options become available, some of which are dependent on how dark the player is Allies are also interesting and each is different and has an interesting backstory. KOTOR allows you to find out as much or as little about you allies as you like and indeed love can blossom as well, much like Bioware’s later games like Mass Effect.

Screenshot_2015-01-19-20-24-04KOTOR offers players a lot of choice as to how to handle quests and encounters. There is almost always non-violet ay to settle matters and at the same time you can be a jerk to anyone you choose, ignoring attempts to talk peacefully and manipulating and strong arming others for your own benefit. Of course being evil affects how far between the light and dark side your player leans and this has major ramifications later in the game. KOTOR is excellent stuff and a must play for any player who values a good story and deep gameplay
KOTOR is a very long game. Despite the original game being rushed and having content cut, KOTOR is a very full experience and it will take at least a few dozen hours to finish.

KOTOR has rather annoying controls. The player must swipe up to move forward and there ar e a lot of tiny icons. The game doesn’t scale well to smaller screens and moving forward can feel quite awkward. Frustratingly this is the only control method available. There is no virtual pad or tilt controls or anything. It is a mystery why the controls are so set in stone. The small font is a serious problem. On a Note 4 (with its nearly 6-inch screen) dialogue proved to be all but unreadable and skill icons are way too small to use easily. This is helped by the pausable combat. If the game was real time the poor interface would be much more notable.

Screenshot_2015-01-19-19-53-25KOTOR has the same graphics as the original game. KOTOR obviously looks dated by today’s standards but it doesn’t get in the way of gameplay at all. The sound is well done and very Star Wars. The voice acting isn’t as good as more recent Bioware games but it gets the job done. A problem with KOTOR’s sound is that it isn’t that well mixed. Unless the music is turned way down in the options it is tough to hear what characters are saying.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic is a great experience tempered by some slightly shonky controls and an interface that could be a lot better. It is still a must play for any modern gamer.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Just about the same as the original. Slightly primitive but functional.
Controls - Tiny fonts and a rather sloppy interface. No control options.
Gameplay - One of the greatest RPGs ever made and loads to do and see. Strong focus on character development and player choice.
Replay Value - A long game with heaps of sidequests.
Overall - Despite the crappy interface KOTOR shines bright and is a must play.

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