Stealth – hardcore action Review

Stealth – hardcore action Review

Mar 27, 2017

Stealth – hardcore action doesn’t carry many airs with it. Nah, with simple blue hues and a top-down 2D look, it feels very unassuming.

Simple as it is, the game still manages to wear “puzzle” garb quite ably. With the aforementioned top-down view being our visual gateway, the game is very easily taken in and understood.

The game play is all about avoiding detection. On the one hand, there are sentries with lights that roam around, and on the other, you… the player. The latter is looking to avoid the former. As the player, you think of yourself as a shrewd operator versed in subterfuge. Think hostages. Think danger.

Think smart.

The simulated lights are the aggressor’s tool of discovery; they flare out and have fixed ranges, and are perched in front of the sentries, much like you’d see on a cartoon car. As the sentry moves and switches direction, the locator light is shined on a new area of space. As hinted at, the main idea is to avoid having the light set upon the your play piece. To increase the fun factor, it is also possible to creep behind a moving sentry, all furtive like; as long as the subject isn’t caught in the light, it’s all good.

If the light does chance upon you, the sentry is alerted, and chases you down… level failed.


But then, one has to contend with the collectible pieces –ah, the “hostages” — that are placed at different places on the board. They are rescued by contact, and when all are collected, an escape portal appears, which one has to navigate to safely. There are bonus objects, and one nifty trick is the ability to eliminate sentries by contact. This isn’t for the faint of heart, as it entails continued contact from behind, sometimes while said sentry is moving and twirling around.

As the game goes on, the levels become a bit tougher, which is to be expected.

Stealth wins because it is simple yet engaging. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel; it just presents an easy-to-chew portion of it. When it comes to mobile games, simplicity is an attribute to strive for, and this one mostly delivers.

Stealth – hardcore action Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Easy looks and accompanying sound.
Controls - Simple, virtual, effective.
Gameplay - Fun arcade puzzle elements.
Replay Value - Very engaging.
Overall - Easy to get into, hard to put down.

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