Super Drill Panic Review

Super Drill Panic Review

Jan 26, 2011

Games that are exclusive to the Android are definitely few and far between so far. Super Drill Panic however, has come along to wake you from your restless Android gaming slumber. Super Drill Panic is a falling game – there is a giant boulder falling to the ground with the aim to crush your pretty little skull. On your way down, you’re trying to avoid hazards like venomous spiders, and dart-spewing idols.

If you love retro-inspired games, Super Drill Panic is perfectly up your alley. The protagonist drops countless references to retro gaming like “Give me a hammer, and I’ll smash the donkey out of any kong!” The game is also very vibrant and colorful, with a great pixel art style, and basic chiptune-style sound effects. The game also introduces risk/reward elements mid-game by putting powerups and coins in positions where you have to decide if they’re worth the detour for the bonus points. The game also comes with OpenFeint integration for leaderboards and achievements.

Super Drill Panic is hardly original though – iOS gamers in particular will recall that a similar falling game called Cliffed came out last year, and the 8-bit graphics style and wisecracking adventurer protagonist is straight out of Hook Champ. While the tilt controls are good, the touch controls were often unresponsive, causing me to not move in the direction I wanted to, or to move too far in a particular direction, which was nothing if not frustrating. Just use the tilt controls. Some of the hazards like spiders can blend into the background and become very easily to take damage from. Also, in a game where you’re trying to descen as quickly as possible, having hazards that require you to wait as they pass; the game is challenging enough as it is without having to alter my pace as I play. Also, the game currently lacks for content – there are only 15 levels, and one character to play as, with more content promised.

Super Drill Panic is entertaining for its initial incarnation, however brief it may be. If you like retro-inspired games or just are looking for a game for your Android that iOS gamers can’t play, then check out this one. Otherwise, wait for some more content and control fixes to drop before you pick this one up.

Super Drill Panic Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - While the sound and music are minimal, the pixel art is great, and the game is surprisingly colorful for a game about descending into caves.
Controls - Tilt and touch controls are available - the tilt controls work well, but the touch controls don't feel like they work properly.
Gameplay - An idea we've seen before, but executed well so far, but it needs a lot more content.
Replay Value - OpenFeint is implemented, but there's only one character, and all of his upgrades are easily attainable by the end. More content is promised, but having it available now would be great.
Overall - A solid start to a game, but with more content, it could be great someday.

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