Super Hexagon Review

Super Hexagon Review

Jan 21, 2013

I am enraged.

Furious. Angry. Disenfranchised. Infuriated.


All these adjectives apply to me right now, and it’s all because of Super Hexagon from the dastardly Terry Cavanagh. This game took me places, and I figure it will be a long, long battle.

Super Hexagon is a psychedelic trip into the world of ever-closing and multiplying hexagons… lethal shapes that laughingly stifled my survival with their converging sides. To understand the game is to play it. Starting in the center of the grid, I got two controls which allowed me movement to either the left or right of a circular path by tapping. A never ending series of lines (which eventually move into the rough shape of a rough hexagon, with few means of egress) appear and start converging. Using the direction buttons, I had to dart to avoid touching the sides of the open hexagon.

The description is kind, but the action is intense. Simply put, Super Hexagon drove me batty — in a good way. With three levels (appropriately labeled Hard, Harder and Hardest to give an idea that the developer means business), I fought to live as long as I could, cruelly reminded by my best time which was re-flashed at the end. Super Hexagon somehow was able to pack in a lot of fun into a seamless, fun, and unassuming package.

The colors were perfect for this game, invoking a colorful mirage of Rorschach images in my mind’s eye. Colorful, ever-changing palettes added to the landscape, and melded well with the music.

The game is low on frills, but high on excitement. As I noted earlier, in today’s age of tense storylines and dreamy graphics, it’s tough to make something compelling, but for me, this was a great experience. The whiny, petulant part of me would have loved a simpler stage or two, but it is truly difficult not to appreciate it as-is.

Well done, Mr Cavanagh. I dislike you very, very much.

Super Hexagon Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Minimalist, almost rudimentary, but it just WORKS
Controls - Two button directional buttons: easy.
Gameplay - EXTREMELY challenging gameplay.
Replay Value - This game has the ability to drive one insane.
Overall - Exhilaratingly challenging!

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