Superfrog HD Review

Superfrog HD Review

Aug 4, 2014

The original Superfrog was a platformer that unashamedly ripped off classic Sonic the Hedgehog, and was made by Team17, a company that also made Worms series. Superfrog HD is a remake of that classic that is kinda good, but feels somewhat weird. The story is about a prince, whose princess gets kidnapped, and he gets transformed into a common frog. Well, a common speaking and intelligent frog. But then he notices a potion floating down the river, because why not? It gives him superspeed powers and a cape, because magic potions are awesome like that. Anyway, he needs to find his princess and turn himself back to human form, somehow.

I think that Superfrog HD is probably among the remakes that are really faithful to the original. For better or worse, it feels exactly like a game from the nineties, and although Superfrog HD 2it looks modern, every mechanic evokes the feeling of NES-type games. It’s kind of great, but it does come with disadvantages. There are a lot of moments when I became quite frustrated with how punishing Superfrog HD can be. It looks childish, and it’s not exactly Nintendo hard, but it’s all too easy to miss an enemy or fail a jump. It’s difficult to put the issues in words, so let’s just say the game is more irritating than it looks. By the way, it looks pretty nice.

The gameplay is pretty obvious, especially if you played any of the original Sonic games – or Superfrog, of course. The frog can run around the level, jump, and glide, to try and get as many tokens as possible, and then get to the end of the level. Getting to the end is pretty easy, actually, most of the challenges comes from the hard to reach fruits and coins – and get everything in time as well.

To conclude, Superfrog HD is a nice platformer for the fans of old-school games. It’s kids-friendly, if the kids aren’t too easily-irritated, doesn’t have any serious issues, and all in all, a good remake of the original.

Superfrog HD Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Quite well done.
Controls - No particular issues
Gameplay - Feels a bit uncomfortable, but mostly alright.
Replay Value - Lots of levels, achievements and collectibles.
Overall - A good game. Not perfect, but good.

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