Switch: Get Lucky Review

Switch: Get Lucky Review

Feb 26, 2014

I’ve been thinking for a while and I still can’t think of a definite opinion about Switch: Get Lucky, so this is going to be the case where I’ll write my thoughts about the game and try to find a point later. I can say or sure that it’s not as interesting, or artsy as it seems. Although the screenshots suggest something close to an indie masterpiece, like Badlands, the game is much more simple, both in terms of gameplay, and in terms of graphics.

Switch: Get Lucky doesn’t have any switches, or luck, for that matter, as it’s a slightly puzzly adventure game about some draconian-looking… thing that tries to return its bunny from a magician. I don’t follow the story quite well, but it’s not important for the gameplay. The levels consist of various platforms, pits, spikes and shiny balls. The creature we control has to traverse the dangerous terrain and get to the end of the level. By the way, there’s a really strange lives mechanic. If the player restarts a level, his lives stay at the same level they were, but if he has his thighs ripped off by giant buzz-saws, loses a life, starts from the beginning, and then attempts to restart a level, his lives are Switch 3not going to replenish themselves, a mechanic I like to call “bloody stupid”. Anyway, the player can’t control the hero’s direction and speed. The hero only changes his direction when he bounces off a wall. The only thing the player can make him do is jump. So, the whole game is the player trying to jump in all the right places, in order to get to the end and try to complete the mini-missions for the level. The mini-missions help to make the game more challenging, but there’s the question of whether anyone would want Switch: Get Lucky to be more challenging.

To be fair, I didn’t like the game, and found it pretty frustrating. Although I understand that it’s not really the game’s fault. Switch: Get Lucky has plenty of levels, enough small mechanics to keep it interesting and it mostly works fine – the problem lies in the core. Pretty lengthy levels, inability to really control the hero and complete unforgiveness for mistakes are supposed to make this game challenging, but the harder the game is, the more unique or captivating its formula must be, and it’s just not the case with the game. I don’t consider it a failure, but it’s just not very interesting, and very difficult.

Switch: Get Lucky Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Not really bad, but look much better on screenshots than in the game.
Controls - I know it's the game's key feature, I still think it's irritating to not be able to move anywhere you want.
Gameplay - Fine, if you're not irritated by the core mechanics.
Replay Value - Mediocre.
Overall - I didn't like it, but it's a matter of whether you like replaying the levels over and over.

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