Syrious Blasts! Review

Syrious Blasts! Review

Nov 22, 2010

Syrious Blasts! for Android comes to us from Visual Systems Corp., makers of Syrious Scramble, seriously! This Rocket Mania clone is a puzzle game in which you try to connect various shaped fuses to form paths to blast a barrage of fireworks before time runs out. Syrious Blasts! is available in the Android Market in both a Lite (Free) and Full (Paid) version so as always give the Lite version a try before purchasing. Shall we blast off a rundown?

Just to note this review was done using the Full version of Syrious Blasts! and includes all features available.

The main menu screen looks more like a rave than a fireworks display (I wish they had lasers in-game). I only mention the main screen because there is an important section that I must commend them on. This is the “Tutorial” section. If you read my reviews you will know I have a pet peeve about developers who do not include some sort of instructions or tutorials to give users an idea about how to play that particular game. Thank you for including one in your game. /end rant.


The object of Syrious Blasts! is to earn points and wow the crowd with an exciting fireworks display. You achieve this goal by connecting fuses to form paths to the mortars located at the bottom of the screen. Each level has its own fireworks goal and time limit in which each goal must be met. You score points through fuse lengths, combos, crowd appeal, badges and time bonuses.

The graphics fall short of anything spectacular and in the fireworks world would be considered a dud or at best a sparkler. The music and sound effects are fitting to the games theme and can be toggled on or off depending on the users preference.

Syrious Blasts! game controls are touch screen and very simple. Just tap a grid tile to rotate it and that’s about it. You can pause your game at anytime by pressing your devices menu key. This will also let you access a few game options. The one big option lacking is an exit button. The only way I was able to quit the game was by pressing my devices home key which did not make me very happy.

The actual gameplay is fast and repetitive. It was also a little confusing at first due to the fact that I had not read the tutorial. Once I learned the ins and outs of the game it did become more enjoyable. Most of the time I found myself just rapidly tapping away without any real rhyme or reason. While I found the game monotonous, for some strange reason I kept playing. For me I think it was the inclusion of a Leaderboard which always pulls out the competitive monster inside of me. Take away the leaderboards and I probably wouldn’t ever play the game. I just never got that feeling of accomplishment, which I like to have when I play a puzzle game.

Since everyone is different and some may not share my opinions I recommend trying out the free Lite version and forming your own opinion. Check out the download links and see if Syrious Blasts! fits your puzzle game cravings.

Syrious Blasts! Review Rundown

Graphics / Sound - 5 year old sparkler graphics, theme fitting sound.
Game Controls - You have one job, tap, tap, tap.
Gameplay - Interesting and confusing at first then familiar and uninteresting.
Replay Value - Trying to get your name up the leaderboard charts is the only reason to play this game again.
Overall - A different kind of puzzle game with a few good features but overall these fireworks fizzle fast.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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