TacticalPad Pro Review

TacticalPad Pro Review

Mar 14, 2016

As big a fan as I am of mobility and solutions related therein, if we’re going to be honest, there are some plays that just feel a bit harder to incorporate mobile technology.

Take my other endeavor, for instance. Since college, I have had the opportunity to coach youth soccer professionally. Beyond the certifications and clinics and such, the sight of a coach whipping out, say, a tablet as a coaching accessory on the sideline is far from common.

There are valid reasons. Weather and light conditions play a part in one’s ability to use mobile technology. Still, as any coach knows, almost more important then the game is the preparation leading up to it, and this is one area where the tools are definitely getting better.

Enter TacticalPad.

This software is geared towards fans and teachers of The Beautiful Game, and is a full-fledged training helper that fits into the palm of one’s hand.


After downloading, one is presented with a sign-up screen; after this, one sees the virtual representation of a well-manicured 2D soccer pitch, and several buttons that facilitate usage. As noted, I’m especially interested in designing training sessions, and used it for that purpose.

One can select from two teams with distinct colors, and the program even has a bunch of virtual knick-knacks — cones, goals, lines, etc. — that make session crafting a breeze. It also has line segments one can add to mimic runs and ball path; player figures can be manipulated to show name and/or numbers for easy understanding.

Toggling the 3D feature is great for animated sessions, and is remarkably easy to set up.

It’s a surprisingly vibrant application, one that makes the process of being prepared more enjoyable, and a bit more relatable. The high gloss graphics are great, and the varied tools to denote motion and the like is especially useful. The export tool is another advantage, and the 3D functionality needs to be beheld to be truly appreciated.

Now, if one is a USSF-badged coach looking to stick to strict USSF session design guidelines (like triangles vs circles), the app might come up a bit short; it would probably also help folks on printer ink budgets (and who isn’t?) if the background could be more grayscale friendly.

It is a premium version is a pricey upgrade; if it actually comes with cross-platform/web access down the line, it will definitely be the program to beat.

As-is, it’s a great option that is well worth a look.

TacticalPad Pro Review Rundown

User Interface - Clean, expressive and fantastic use of color.
Functionality - Great as a game analyzing tool and session planner.
Usability - Works best pre-event, but can be invaluable for that important purpose.
Value - free version is very functional; unlock is an investment by mobile standards.
Overall - A very capable tool.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available at Google Play Store »

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