Tap Sports Baseball 2015 Review

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 Review

Apr 27, 2015

The best way to view Tap Sports Baseball 2015 is to focus on what it is rather than what it isn’t. It isn’t quite a baseball sim, but it is much more than an arcade experience. If you’re the small market Tampa Bay Rays, this game likely isn’t for you, but you don’t have to set up an in-game payroll as large as the Los Angeles Dodgers to be successful.

Tap Sports Baseball follows the EA Sports Ultimate Team model. Rather than taking over an MLB franchise, gamers start off with a group of not-so-good to decent players (Nick Swisher was the best player I was given to start with). By playing games, users earn in-game cash and gold, which can then be used to acquire new players or upgrade team attributes such as Hitting Coach and Throwing Arm. This is a compelling way to sidestep the official MLB license, as real player likenesses appear in the game, but teams, logos and stadiums do not.

Gameplay revolves around the offensive side of the ball. In fact, while there are some strategy aspects when it comes to pitching, gamers only control players when they come to bat. Controls are as simple as humanly possible; simply tap the screen to swing. Users will occasionally be asked if they want to steal a base, bunt or swing away, but everything can be accomplished with only one finger. This fast-paced approach allows players to finish nine-inning games in only a few minutes.

Tap Sports Baseball 2015Navigating the menus is an important part of Tap Sports Baseball, and with no tutorial and little direction, figuring your way around can be confusing at first. It becomes easy enough a few games in, but it is not the most innovative use of screen space. Players can access tournaments and league games, which are quicker, more rewarding ways to experience the game. Random matches are handled differently, as opposing teams take turns whenever they’re ready in a fashion similar to Words with Friends.

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 is a free to play title, but it also supports the pay-to-win model. Users who pump in real-world cash to buy in-game items will rise to the top quickly. However, players will rarely find themselves overmatched. After completing 20 to 30 games, users should have enough in-game currency to assemble a competitive team. It is just a matter of balancing acquiring new players and leveling up the squad’s attributes.

Despite the game’s robust menu system, it is lacking in roster management. Users can drop players in and out of the starting lineup, but there is no way to adjust batting orders. Additionally, picking up new players is mostly a game of chance. Pay for a draft pick and a slot machine-style wheel lands on the player which you will acquire. There is a daily crop of free agents which players can hand select to add to their team, but they are often not well known and priced too high.

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 is not quite a championship contender, but it is a wild card winner. This is exactly what you’d expect from a mobile baseball game. It’s easy to pick up and play, and there’s enough depth to keep players interested throughout the season.

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The repetitive sounds become annoying after awhile, and blocky character models need work.
Controls - The one-touch controls are simple, but we'd like to see a second button added for depth.
Gameplay - We know that chicks dig the long ball, but we'd like to have some control of our team defensively.
Replay Value - The player-collecting element of the game give it the depth it lacks.
Overall - Tap Sports Baseball 2015 delivers a solid mobile baseball experience.

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