The Tapping Dead Review

The Tapping Dead Review

Aug 27, 2013

There are two main ways of making free-to-play games. One is making the game progressively more difficult to play, so the player would spit out some money on upgrades. Another one is ads – a more bold, but a bit more fair way to get some money, without restricting anyone’s freedoms. There is, of course, a third, much better way of doing this – making the game so good, people would want to buy stuff for it, even if they don’t need it – but come on, we’re talking about mobile videogames here. So, let’s combine frustrations of the both ways and hope for the better! To be fair, I wouldn’t be so bitter about it, if The Tapping Dead wasn’t featuring frustratingly flipping insane difficulty as its core.

The Tapping Dead 1The Tapping Dead is a one-button arcade that consists of dozens of small levels. It takes about ten to fifteen seconds for hero to make it from start to finish for each of them, but it can take a whole lot more to actually do it, since the levels are filled with zombies of different kinds. Walking, flying, shooting, you name it – there are threats of all kinds in there, and neither of them can be stopped. Touching a screen will make the hero stand in is tracks, and that’s it. The zombies should be avoided, and if the hero bumps into one of them, he gets back at the start. While there’s almost no penalty for failing, the coins, which are absolutely needed for eventual completion of the game, disappear after a minute and a half. So, it’s really important to think through and complete the course in this time.

There are, of course, special items that can help the player, but they are scarce and have to be purchased for the coins. Eventually, the levels become almost impassable without them, so it’s better to stock up on them. Not that it’s easy, since the coins are very limited, unless purchased by real-world money. Generally, The Tapping Dead is overtly simple and not very original to be worth spending any money on, but it’s worth a shot. Although it’s a bit too eager to throw ads at the players, it’s nicely done, and if frustration isn’t an issue, there’s a lot of simple fun to be gotten from it.

The Tapping Dead Review Rundown

Graphic/Sound - A bit too simple
Controls - Spoiling single button controls isn't quite easy.
Gameplay - A bit too simple for me as well.
Replay Value - The game does tend to be engaging.
Overall - It's not anything unique, and it has its flaws, but it's a nice little game.

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  • alesys

    Nice review, thank you! Random fact: we just reached 1,000,000 deaths : D
    Btw, I just reduced the amount of ads being displayed in the last update.