Tekken Review

Tekken Review

Mar 7, 2018

Yessir… it has landed!

Tekken is here, we decided to check it out.

Nuff said.

Now, if you’re asking what the heck Tekken is, I’ll resist the urge to fight you, and tell you this: it was everything.

And. Then. Some.

So, first, the visuals should be a great, especially for folks who played these on those bulky consoles of the 90s. Glorious 3D graphics, with interestingly familiar swarthy characters and glitzy backgrounds. The shifting views that characterized the earlier versions of the game are reproduced somewhat faithfully, and the sound packs in the bravado, violence and overall auditory oomph of the source material.

Okay, okay… let’s get to the fighting.


The game has a fairly extensive tutorial, and it takes you through just about the whole things, hands-on style. The controls are pretty easy to get with, and mostly involve tapping, gestures and long-pressing to effect offensive moves and blocking. Beyond that, winning yields goodies and new, better fighters and tougher opponents (in particular modes); rarity is something to be treasured here.

The cool things with the fighters is that they have special moves and such; there is a card attack system employed, and tapping a rage card at the right time can be devastating to the opponent. As hinted at earlier, there are different modes to dive into, including an online one… team vs team.

So, here’s a game that is looking to be a new portal for a fantastic tenured console game. It mostly manages to do that, even while subtly building in an RPG-style marker battler that should appeal to those folks — dare I say “millennials?” while propping myself up with me walking cane — who are new to the concept. It’s a hard feat to merge a retro hit with the modernity of mobile tablets, but I figure this one makes more than a valiant effort.

Tekken Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Retro, but with a modern touch.
Controls - Work well on touchscreen; easy to understand.
Gameplay - Classic fighting plus storyline and team-building.
Replay Value - Especially engaging for gamers from, well, those days.
Overall - A well done blast from the past.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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