Templar Battleforce RPG Review

Templar Battleforce RPG Review

Oct 29, 2015

Templar Battleforce RPG is atypical and a bit familiar at the same time. It brings to sci-fi elements, RPG stylings and a strategic turn-based system that one almost has to try.

Backstory isn’t a necessity for me, but this game does a decent job of weaving together a fairly compelling yarn involving space travelers and the heroic fighting force from which the game derives its name.

Visually, is it quite interesting. The imagery touches on the futuristic, with dark themes and fluid movements interspersed with dialogues and cutscenes. It incorporates a top-down view to convey action, and there is a wide variety of visual elements added that help to move things along.

The player becomes a Templar, and rocks a Leviathan battle suit. The Templars are a futuristic race with the memory transferring gift of “templar lineage” which gives them somewhat of an omniscient edge in battle. Said battle suits equate to being 10-ft tall, and the main idea is for these Templars to defend Star Traders.

And so it starts…


The first few series give one a feel for the game. The attack mechanism is fairly easy to pick up, with the range circles and such, and this is key when it comes to taking on the enemy that one goes against. The battling is turn-based; this is a twist that makes strategy all that more important. One also learns that Templars have different specialties, which is also a useful nugget with regards to strategy.

As one gets more comfortable, and understand how to take on invaders like the dastardly Xeno creatures, the leveled gameplay ratchets up the difficulty. One gets to explore different sections and take on different enemies in different types of scenarios. Building a reasonable force is part of the objective, but one of the most compelling aspects is the variety of tactical concepts: capture the flag, puzzle-solving, scouting and more. The game really encomapsses several disciplines, and does so well.

For folks looking for an engaging romp, this one should fit the bill. It tolls the bell between “engaging” and “familiar” quite capably, and is great in small bites or longer sessions.

If being a Templar is where it’s at, $6.99 (30% off intro sale) isn’t too bad of a proposition.

Templar Battleforce RPG Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Engaging graphics and sound.
Controls - Intuitive control system.
Gameplay - Wide array of strategic play.
Replay Value - Very, very addictive.
Overall - An all-round gem.

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