Temple Run 2 Review

Temple Run 2 Review

Jan 24, 2013

Imangi is back. The studio behind the insanely popular, runaway (pun intended) hits Temple Run and Temple Run: Brave is back with a re-done title.

Temple Run 2 is here, and it packs in new features into familiar gameplay, and may very well please veteran fans and new adherents.

The storyline is similar; I am an Indiana Jones-type explorer, and am escaping an obscure jungle temple with an idol. The first apparent change is what is in hot pursuit; instead of rabid monkey-things as in the first, now it is one big monkey that seems to have gorilla-sized identity issues.

Subsequently, I was pleasantly surprised by the additions. Running games became very popular in the Play Store, and many different games added different variations to the gameplay. Thus, it was especially gratifying to see some more moves added. There was swiping to move left or right, to jump or to slide low, as well as tilting. In addition I could jump to zip-line through the air, and hop into carts that dipped and careened through mine shafts. The extra pieces added to the overall feel of the game, and created some eye-popping sequences. The power-ups were upgraded as well, with some cool effects added.

The graphics did get some polish, with added scenery and sharper colors. There were new environments (obviously), and I thought the developers did well to create realistic looking scenes, from the darkness underground to the greenery at the surface.

There were different characters to be had, each with a special “power” that made the game easier. Distance run earned me game coins, which could be used to unlock other characters and abilities. Of course, if the pace of accumulation was not to my fancy, I could use real cash, but I found this to be unnecessary in the course of gameplay.

Some how, Imangi has been able to squeeze out even more fun from an iconic game, and we are grateful.

Temple Run 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Fast paced and eye-pleasing with heart-pumping sound.
Controls - Swipe to jump, slide and slash left or right.
Gameplay - Added features make this game a fun one to play.
Replay Value - Quite an addictive offering.
Overall - A hit returns.

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