TheEndApp Review

TheEndApp Review

Dec 3, 2012

Games about the end of the world and post-apocalyptic worlds are shockingly common these days. While there are only so many scenarios available for zombie games, TheEndApp takes a slightly different approach to end of the world game. The common theme throughout TheEndApp is to run.

Personally, I am not a fan of running for no reason. If I’m playing sports or running for my life, these are two good reasons I’ll run. TheEndApp is all about running with the purpose. The first few levels of theEndApp are a tutorial. The basic controls are taught, which are quite easy to use. To maneuver the character left and right, tilt the device left or right. To jump swipe a finger up, to slide swipe finger down. To make a sharper turn to the left or to the right a simple swipe in that direction across the screen gets the job done.

The different levels of the game have challenges. One of the first challenges is to collect as much green duct tape as possible while running. Duct tape is, for all intents and purposes, the currency. Go through the different levels and collect as much is possible. The duct tape can be used to purchase different characters such as Freddy the zombie. other power ups can be purchased as well such as multipliers duct tape magnets and MedPacs. All of the upgrades to characters, power ups and other extras can be purchased in the camp.

Once the initial five challenges are completed, the freerun mode opens. It might not be a bad idea to go here and practice the skills learned in the tutorial to prepare for the rest of the game.

The free version of TheEndApp only allows play in The Ends Origins section. The Pro version is needed to play any of the other levels.

TheEndApp Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The comic book like graphics are great. I also liked the sounds made while running and jumping.
Controls - The controls for this type became more graves. As mentioned before, it is mainly sliding a finger across the screen in a direction or tilting the device to get the player to move. While following a roll of duct tape, the timing is essential when turning to keep . Following the road.
Gameplay - I thought the game was a great.
Replay Value - A lot of different levels and challenges even the free version should make it fun enough to bring people back.
Overall - theEndApp is a really fun take on this a post-apocalyptic world type game.

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