Inside Out Thought Bubbles Review

Inside Out Thought Bubbles Review

Jul 20, 2015

Inside Out Thought Bubbles continues a great trend of media companies releasing companion mobile games in the wake (or just prior) to the release of major movies… in this case, Disney’s Inside Out.

Simply put, it is a bubble shooter; here we get cues from the aforementioned movie, and we get to enjoy some of the characters from it: Riley, as our main character, learns to work with her emotions. The backstory is streamlined into memory bubbles, and the idea is to free said bubbles by creating match-3+ groupings.

Seeing the game is to understand it a bit more. It is a colorful affair, with plenty of pastels highlighting the portrait orientation. The bubbles are denoted by different colors, and jut down from the roof of the playing area. The shooter resides at the forefront of the playing area; activating it is done by pulling on it, much like one does in iotb2Angry Birds. The bubbles launched from it are randomly colored, but generally match those in the air above it.

The walls of the playing area have a rebounding ability, and one can shoot off the walls; an arrow helps guiding somewhat. The main idea, as hinted at, is to finish/create groups of three or more to “pop” them.

The game is leveled, and starts off simply enough, with a more or less easy go of it. The number of projectiles is limited, and scoring is based in part by how few bubbles one uses up, so being conservative pays. As the game progresses, the batches get harder to navigate; one gets special pieces with special powers, and rebounding off the wall becomes a valuable skill.

When it’s all said and done, the gameplay boils down to a collection of physics, virtual catapulting and match-3, seasoned with a bit of strategy. It doesn’t tax the mind too much, which is a strength, but does pull on the brain cells a bit. The opportunity cost of decisions is well underscored: does one go for the home run to drop/burst bunches of bubbles, or does one play it safe and take out smaller sets? Go straight or go big and score a rebound? There is a lot of ways to go within the framework of simplicity, and as such, the game lives beyond its supposed scope.

Because of its potential to engage across generations, it is easy to give it a go.

Go ahead.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - A colorful array.
Controls - Intuitive and physics-based.
Gameplay - Bubble shooting, match-3, puzzle and more.
Replay Value - Pretty addictive
Overall - A fine movie companion that doesn't really need the source material to be engaging.
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