Threes! App Review!

Threes! App Review!

Mar 20, 2014

So what makes a great, addicting mobile puzzle game? Firstly, touch specific controls that are intuitive and responsive. Second, fresh, innovative game that seems both familiar and new at the same time. Finally, a game needs to look good and have some personality. Fortunately for all puzzle fans Threes! passes all of these tests and had me even pausing my binge watch of Breaking Bad because it’s so addictive. The best part of Threes! is how easy it is to pick up the basics but how hard it is to master. The game is very deep and strategically adding specific pairs is imperative.

The gameplay is snappy and responsive, and the entire game is bubbling with personality with the squares making comments or yawning when a turn takes too long. The game plays like a combination of Unblock Me and Tetris. Adding pairs by shifting the entire board allows for a constantly shifting playing field and with the addition of a new piece each turn the game ends when the board becomes too clogged to continue.

Most games come to a point where the realization that a terrible mistake has been made and it just fuels the drive to play one more game. The artistic direction of the app is spot on and very fresh. The swipe controls permeate the entire experience, and the helpful opening tutorial seamlessly leads into the first game almost without the user knowing. Some may find that the music becomes annoying after a while, and that may be a valid complaint, but if that is the worst thing that can be said about Threes! I am sure anyone will live with that.

The game does cost $1.99, but the forced lack of ads is actually very refreshing and Threes! definitely takes the crown as my new favorite game. Its personality, addictive gameplay, and dead-on touch controls make this one of the best games of the year.

Threes! App Review! Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game looks great and has amazing personality. Soundtrack can become annoying after a while.
Controls - Just perfect in every way.
Gameplay - Addictive as all get out.
Replay Value - Bet you can't just play one.
Overall - I will say it again, Threes! is one of the best game of the year.

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