Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 Review

Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 Review

Mar 5, 2013

Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 was an exceptionally interesting period placed race against time.

The graphics were nice, and even from the opening map view, it was interesting to see the detail, with fires slithering upwards, and livestock grazing solemnly on greenery that looked rich in the desert environment. The perspectives looked good, and the sun-drenched backdrop contrasted well with the animated calm of the Nile.

Per gameplay, Timebuilders is a resource management game. The storyline starts with Pharaoh Touti learning from Hapu the priest that the current Egyptian civilization was about to be destroyed unless the deities were appeased by the construction of eight — yes, eight — temples within a month. I basically had to get those temples up and running efficiently.

The game was set up in levels with a reasonable degree of logic. First thing up was clearing land of stones. By using taps, I assigned workers to clear out that rocks, which had time factor involved. Next, I had to repair bridges and open up some burial boxes. Actions that I had to do included harvesting and planting food. As the game progressed, the tasks got more complex, with amounts stone having to produced. I also got to build huts to collect income. Eventually, I was able to upgrade the huts, hire more workers and build major material-creating structures like quarries, while fending off thieving incursions.

Further down, boats, villas, camels and advanced trading became part of the script. Even crocodiles and elephants made an appearance.

The whole point of these exercises was to create enough wealth to create and/or fix the regal temples that would prevent the destruction of the kingdom. The game tested my ability to manage growth Simcity style; there were times it seemed to be smart to destroy a structure I built earlier so as to replace it with another. There were opportunity costs associated with every decision, so I loved that levels were re-playable.

All in all, the logical gameplay helped me overcome my irrational angst at not finding a full-fledged tutorial (which I think would have been appreciated). Still, this is an enjoyable medium-range game that can appeal to different age groups.

Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Nice looking, nice sounding game.
Controls - Easy to control and navigate.
Gameplay - Fun and inventive, a very engaging sequel.
Replay Value - Highly Addictive
Overall - Overall, a great game with plenty of hours of gameplay included.

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