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Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil 2 Review

Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil 2 Review

May 2, 2013

RV AppStudios brings Tiny Ball Evil Devil 2 to the table to remind us that positional physics is still sexy. For a mobile gaming generation still entranced with Angry Birds, attack by propulsion is still a fun proposition.

In this game, there are no catapulted birds or smirking green piggies; instead, I cheerfully shot spheres and grimacing demons. It was a leveled physics game with a seemingly unending series of twists. At its basest level, my job was to dispatch the malfeasants without mercy.

In each level, I had a set number of spherical projectiles that were shot by cannot. To aim, I simply tapped the screen and dragged the bullseye to what I wanted to hit; releasing fired the projectile. The usual target was a square devil (though the shapes changed at points in the gameplay); in the earlier levels, I knocked the devils down onto lethal spikes which caused a messy, bloody end-scene. Further on, there were fiery electric fields and even saws that tiny1served as the final arbiter of fate.

The playing areas also began to change as I progressed. Ricocheting became a strategy as time wore on; timing also became a factor at some points, as I had to avoid rotating or recurrently moving objects that periodically blocked me from my target. Success unlocked further levels and features.

I got scored on a ball differential system; the less I used, the more stars I got. There were also gems and gold coins which I could garner. They could be used to upgrade my weaponry, and if that was not fast enough, I was able to use real cash. Some of the upgrades were nice (a fiery ball, a mighty “crush everything” ball, etc) but in my estimation, it was possible to play without having to use real cash. Slick additions like a spin wheel added to the fun.

Yes, call me a sensitive willy, but my biggest gripe was the gore. The red explosions will make at least one person cringe that’s for sure. I do believe something more subtle would be welcome, if only as an option.

I thought it was an engaging time-waster that erred on the side of careful.

Tiny Ball vs Evil Devil 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple and easily crafted, wih safe shapes and sounds.
Controls - Easy to maneuver.
Gameplay - Safe, familiar gameplay. A bit too much red for my tastes.
Replay Value - Fairly addicitve.
Overall - A decent game with interesting twists.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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